Great Ways To Keep Houseguests Entertained

The reason people invite guests over to stay during the holidays or other important family events is that those family members or friends don’t live that close and it’s a bit difficult to spend time with them. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re a good host if you make the effort of inviting people to stay over at your place. Although it might sound like a scary experience, with a bit of preparing beforehand, you’ll make a good impression on them.

Your guests will definitely appreciate your effort of organizing something special for them, no matter how small or big the surprise is. There are endless ways of keeping houseguests entertained. The main idea is to plan activities that they will enjoy doing. Below there are some examples that you can choose from.

Have a Karaoke Night

Most people love listening to music and even singing while they are having a good time with their friends. Just because it’s a rainy and miserable day that does not mean that you need to spend your whole day on the couch watching movies. Organizing a karaoke party is a lot easier than it might seem. Have a fun time together by singing your favorite songs and even performing for the rest of the group. If there are small kids there, you can give them some board games or puzzles to complete in the meantime. Prepare a few snacks and the night is sorted.

Prepare Food Together

If you’re not sure about the kind of food that you should prepare for your guests, you could wait for them to arrive at your place and cook it together. You can have a great time while cooking your favorite meals in your garden. Your kids can play and run around while adults are taking care of the food. After all, an extra pair of hands is always welcome in the kitchen. If you are looking into potentially designing an outdoor kitchen, this could create a diverse space in your backyard to also entertain your guests. Such a feature would increase possibilities for any guests and would also provide extra storage space, and it increases the value of your property.

Go on a Short Day Trip

Another great way of having fun with your guests is by taking them on a short trip. You can visit places that are close to your home. There needs to be some kind of attraction no matter where you live. You could go to the beach, to the mountains or to a nice lake close by. If not, you could have a nice walk around the local attraction or park in the area. Consider the weather and plan something accordingly.

Don’t forget to be Flexible

In order to keep your guests happy you need to be flexible. Ask them whether they would like to take part in some activities and be ready to provide alternative solutions in case they don’t appear interested in your suggestions. You could even divide activities if there is a bigger group of people coming over. Stock up on supplies, prepare their bedrooms and set aside space for luggage. Take care of their belongings as soon as they arrive so that they feel welcome.

No matter what activities you organize, remember to spend as much time together as possible so that you can create unforgettable memories. The only way of having fun when inviting guests over is by keeping a positive attitude and planning activities that they love doing.


  1. Thank you for sharing your great ways. Hope these activities will get everyone who needs a bit of diversion out of the house and leave behind those who perhaps need a little quiet time to recharge.

  2. Really great and simple tips. I like to thank you for sharing these amazing tips here.

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