Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box: March Mood Box

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Happy March!  This month we have another great Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box!  The theme for this month’s box is Mood Box! I’m very excited about this one, because one of the big reasons I got interested in oils was to help with combat anxiety, stress, and trouble sleeping.

Here are a few quick facts about the Essential Oil Recipe Box:

  • Cost is just $39 / month.
  • Each box has 4 bottles of essential oil, recipe cards to help you use your oils in fun and unique ways, plus other materials you need to make the recipes.
  • Each box is specially curated with a unique theme in mind.
  • Each box is a $150 value!
  • When you subscribe you get a cool BONUS box for FREE!
  • You also get a $40 gift card for FREE when you use my referral link and coupon code:  SSHOMEFREE!

Let’s go over the items included in this month’s box:

4 Oils:

  • Cypress Oil
  • Dark Patchouli Oil
  • Sweet Orange Oil
  • Energy Blend Blend

Other Materials

  • Reed Diffusers
  • Aromatherapy Inhaler
  • Lava Beads

Plus, colorful sticker labels and recipe cards!

And the recipes included with this box are for:

  • It’s Okay to Grieve Diffuser Blend
  • DIY Reed Diffuser
  • Creative Zone Diffuser Blend
  • Persevere Roll On
  • Anxiety Relief Inhaler
  • DIY Lava Rock Diffuser
  • Bonus Diffuser Recipes – Whimsy Diffuser Blend and Joy Diffuser Blend

My Thoughts:

This is another great box!  I love the Energy Blend, and I’m always happy to see a bottle of Sweet Orange Oil. (It’s one of my favorites!)

When I think about what essential oils I want to diffuse, I think about scents, but I also think about Mood, so I was very excited to see a Mood Box.  Upon opening my box, I immediately decided to make the Persevere Roll On.  (I already use a roll on at night, and I thought this one would be a good one for morning and through the day.)

As I stated before, I first interested in essential oils to try to help with my anxiety, so I was thrilled to see the recipe for the Anxiety Relief Inhaler.  I’ve never seen an aromatherapy inhaler like this, so I’m very intrigued and curious to try it out!

I’m also excited to use the reed diffuser and the lava bead diffuser recipes in our bathrooms!  And I look forward to using all 3 of the diffuser blend recipes in this month’s box!

When you subscribe you also get an awesome bonus box with all the materials pictured above absolutely FREE!

AND when you use my referral link and coupon code:  SSHOMEFREE you also get a $40 gift card for FREE!

Go over to the Simply Earth homepage to check it out the Essential Oil Recipe Box!

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