Boppy Side Sleeper Maternity Pillow Review

A few months ago I wrote a review for Boppy.  Their infant nursing pillow and positioner is a MUST HAVE for any new mom!  I can’t say enough about how much I loved that product!  And today I am talking a little bit about their maternity pillows, specifically their side sleeper pillow, because I received one for review. BUT they have a variety of pillows available, and I encourage you to check out the Boppy brand and see what they have to fit your unique needs.

Now let me back up for a bit…

When I was pregnant, I started researching all the pregnancy must-haves.  I wondered if I even needed a maternity pillow (especially since some of them are a little expensive).   My mattress, Purple, was doing an excellent job for sure. There was no better option. I did my research and comparisons on and a few other review websites. Anyway, back to the pillow talks. So finally I decided to order a maternity pillow around the fifth month (I think it was). Around the fifth month (I think it was) I decided to order a maternity pillow.  In my case, I did not get a Boppy.  I found a “no-name” brand with an inexpensive U-shaped pillow, and it worked very well for me! (The downside to that pillow was that it did take up a lot of room, and my husband wasn’t a big fan of that!)

Anyway, I told you about my U-shaped pillow just because that pillow showed me how GOOD maternity pillows are and what a HUGE necessity they are during pregancy and even during your post-partum time, so if your pregnant and you are unsure about making that investment, I would tell you to DEFINITELY MAKE IT!

Now let’s talk about the Boppy Side-Sleeper.  When I was pregnant, what I needed most from a maternity pillow was support for my belly and my back.  And I was really surprised at how much a pillow helped in these areas.

And the great thing about the Boppy Side Sleeper is that it not only gives you this support, but it is very compact and doesn’t take up nearly as much space as other pillows.  The space issue is also good if you are planning to travel during your pregnancy.

It’s also machine washable.  I’ve washed a Boppy Nursing Pillow, and I was happy not only that it was machine washable but that the cover went back on easily.  (Another bad thing about the larger pillows is that it is very hard to put the cover on them after it is removed for cleaning.)

The Side Sleeper is also great if you are usually a back-sleeper, as it will help you to stay on your side. (They say it is best to sleep on your side during pregnancy.)

The Side Sleeper can also used between your legs.  (I definitely needed this when I was pregnant as well).  Because you can use the pillow this way as well, I could actually see myself using 2 Side Sleepers at once (one under my side, and one between my legs).  You’d be able to get support in both areas, and the 2 pillows would still take up a lot less room than other large pillows.

The Side-Sleeper is also great for giving you back support or leg support when you are sitting up in bed or resting on your couch.  After I had my son, I would use my pillow while I sat on the couch, and I also used my son’s Boppy behind my back when I sat on the couch (when he wasn’t on it in my lap).

If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, I advise you to put a maternity pillow on your shopping list, and I recommend that you check out the Boppy brand.

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