Boppy Review (And How I Used it Every Day!)

Disclosure: I received product samples to facilitate this review. The opinions are my own.

As a mom, I can’t say enough about the Boppy Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner.  After you have your “baby basics” (diapers, bottle, crib/bassinet, car seat), it should be next on your list!  When I was pregnant, I knew I had no plans to breastfeed, so I honestly wasn’t sure if I needed a Boppy.  Right after Thaxton was born I realized it was a MUST!  I used the product multiple times a day, every day during Thaxton’s first year!  Today I’m going show you some great ways to use the product and show you why every expecting mom needs a Boppy!

The Boppy sells for $39.99, a great price, considering how much a used it!  You can also get additional covers for $9.99.  The Boppy is known as a nursing pillow, but I used it for EVERY bottle feeding, from our first bottle at home, till Thaxton’s last bottle, and then we also used it after he transitioned to sippy cups during his first year.

The Boppy was also great for just holding him in my lap.  It allowed me to hold him, basically hands free (no tired arms in those first few weeks).  And this is a real plus in those first few weeks as you recover.  After having him, I still had some pelvic girdle pain. (I had to lose about 10 pounds of the baby weight before that went away.)  And I didn’t do a lot of lifting during that time.  The Boppy made it easy for me to just relax and lounge on the couch with him.

It’s also great to use during reading time!  (And here’s a tip:  I always put a burpy cloth under his head during & after feedings, and then I kept another on hand for wiping.  This help to keep the Boppy cover clean!)

The Boppy is also a great newborn lounger!  Thaxton leaned back on his Boppy a LOT during his first few months!  I also used it for taking cute photos of him!  (Just cover it with a blanket or fabric to get a cute matching background!)

It can also be used during the later stages of tummy time.

The Boppy also came in handy while and after Thaxton learned to sit.  When he was first learning, we used it for support, and then after he learned to sit well, I’d place it behind him just for extra security.  (In the photo above Thaxton was just able to sit on his own, but I didn’t quite feel comfortable having him sit on his own while I photgraphed him, so the Boppy was great for that!)

The Boppy is definitely a MUST for a new mom, and it should be on everyone’s baby wishlist.

And if you love the Boppy, you should also check out the Newborn Lounger.  I didn’t have one of these with Thaxton, so I can’t top first hand about the use of it, but it looks great.  You can use it for leaning your baby up, just like with the Boppy, except, here they don’t have to sit on the floor or other surface; instead there is actual cushion down the middle to lay the baby on. Awesome!

Boppy has many prints available to match your favorite nursery theme.  Go over and check them out!


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