How to deal with termite infiltration in your home?

If you are having issues with pests at home, there is no need to worry because you are not alone. You may not need to worry about being alone in misery, but you do need to worry about the problem of pests because of the inconspicuous nature of these various types of assailants.

One can easily be fooled into oblivion because of the tiny size of pests, but in reality, smaller they are, harder they hit. Resultantly, termites being minuscule, have the potential to pose the biggest threat to homeowners, because they silently eat up all the valuable furniture and other wooden structures.

Therefore, in the face of this threat, you must be aware of all the necessary strategies required to deal with termite infiltration in your home.

1. Be Proactive

Do not wait for termites to eat away at your woody valuables; in fact, hound for these little naggers in every nook and corner of your home. Check out the hollowness of different wooden structures and test their strength by pushing the screwdriver into the wood. You can also physically see the termites by shining a torchlight on the potentially hazardous areas.

2. Find out the type of termites:

There are mainly two types of termites; one is subterranean, and the other one is dry wood. It is vital to identify their type because each of these species requires different exterminating treatments.

3. Create a cardboard trap:

Once you have identified an affected area, get a couple of pieces of cardboard, soak them in water, and place them adjacent to the affected area. It is a perfect trap for termites because they feed on cellulose. Moreover, when the adjoining cardboard gets infected, take it out and set it on fire. Repeat the whole procedure again and again so that all the termites are exterminated from the affected area.

4. Give your infected furniture a sunbath:

Like vampires, termites love to stay in the dark, therefore, take your furniture out of the house for sunbathing that should last ideally for at least two to three days. Coupling this process with cardboard traps can prove to be considerably useful in the extermination of termites.

5. Freeze your infected pieces of furniture:

Termites are unable to stay alive in extreme temperatures and therefore, can be frozen to death by keeping the pieces of furniture in the freezer. Although it can get tricky to put large pieces of furniture in the freezer, this method works fine with the smaller pieces.

6. Use Boric Acid:

Boric acid attacks the nervous system of termites and therefore acts as the most popular pesticide to kill termites. To apply, spray or spread the boric acid on the affected areas of the wooden bodies and let it do its job.

7. Hire a professional:

If you are finding it challenging to handle a termite infestation on your own, you can seek help from a competent professional to get O’fallon termite services.

8. Non-repellent Termiticide

Termite baits may take years to control a colony effectively. You can apply termiticides such as Termidor, which uses a non-repellant treatment technology. The pests cannot smell, taste, or detect the insecticide. The termites continue to forage the soil, unknowingly coming into contact with the termiticide.

Termites that consume or come into contact with the termiticide become infected and start to die slowly. Additionally, interaction with other termites in the colony spreads the insecticide through contact. The transfer effect allows the non-repellent termiticide to control large colonies effectively.

In a nutshell, never take termites for granted because they can eat your household’s valuables inside out, and in case of termite emergency, use the strategies mentioned above to save your home from the wrath of these buggers.

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