5 Winter Pests That You Should Look Out For

Pests are the biggest enemies of homeowners and they can literally disrupt your life. They can cause disease and damage the property as well. Though you may think that the threat of infestation is confined to summer months, you are mistaken. Winter is an equally risky time from this perspective because overwintering pests can hide in your living space during these months, just to come back as a major infestation once the days get warmer. So you should keep an eye on overwintering pests and take steps to get rid of them at the earliest sign. Here are some common winter pests that you should look out for.


Termites are perhaps the biggest threat for homeowners because they can literally eat away the wood faster than you imagine. The worst part is that they can be as dangerous during the winter as in summer because they do not hibernate. Any signs of chew damage on the railings, wallpapers and wood products indicate that you could have these lurking enemies. Check the basement and attic as well because there are the areas that may be most infested.

Mice and rats

Rodents such as mice and rats are some other unwanted visitors that you may have visiting this winter. If you have them hiding in your living space this winter, you may probably see some indications. Their droppings may be visible in the nooks and corners behind the furniture or in the back of cabinets and drawers. You can even find chew marks on the cardboard food boxes in your kitchen.

Bed bugs

Since bed bugs travel from one place to another, they are most likely to come with you when you are back from a holiday during this time of the year. Most of the time, they make their way into your luggage from hotel rooms and settle down in your bedroom. Overlooking the earliest symptoms is the worst mistake you can make. Rather, you should be vigilant and get Residential Pest Control as early as you can. Look out for signs such as dried bloodstains on your sheets and black sticky fecal residue under the mattress and box springs.

Carpenter ants

Another common overwintering pest is carpenter ants, which are capable of surviving the harsh winters by burrowing their colonies deep below the frost line. They can even burrow one in the wall voids of your living space. Even worse, they may be burrowing through the wood in your home all winter. If you see piles of dust and exit holes here and there, you probably have a colony of carpenter ants in your living space.


The stinging wasps that are commonly seen in summers may make their home inside the attic spaces in your home when the cold weather comes. The best way to detect their presence is by cleaning the attic crawl spaces regularly. If you find a wasp nest there, have it removed by a professional. Don’t even try doing it on your own because they will sting if you poke in their home.

Timely detection and clearing away of overwintering insects is the best thing to do if you don’t want to start the summer with an infestation. So you must be vigilant for these signs and act at once if you notice any of them.

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