Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen can really get chaotic in the household. While you’re preparing meals your toddler is trying to grab the pots and pans out the cabinet, your school-aged daughter wants to be a big helper, and your preteen is hovered over the countertop looking for a snack as they complete their homework. There has to be a better solution to this regular evening madness. 

And there is. Redesigning your kitchen to meet the needs of not just yourself, but your children can help smooth things over. Not sure what a kid-friendly kitchen would look like? Here are some ideas below:

 Install Lower Cabinets and Drawers

For the little helper in the family, accessibility is key. You don’t want them getting hurt trying to climb on a chair to reach higher cabinets. Having a few low cabinets with drawers installed at a lower level can make your helper’s job easier. You can check out different cabinet styles by visiting sites like to find designs that match your decor best. 

Breakfast Nooks

Breakfast nooks are ideal for families with children because they serve a dual purpose. They give the kids a place to sit and eat their snacks after school while also providing a space for them to do their homework, draw, color, or mix ingredients to help you prepare dinner. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from based on the size of your kitchen. Try to designate an area away from the stove and the prepping area to keep kids safe. 

Easy to Clean Surfaces

A few minutes in the kitchen with your kids and all your hard efforts to clean go down the drain. You can make cleaning a lot easier by working with easy to clean surfaces. Whether installing countertops or flooring keep cleanliness in mind. While natural stone like marble is quick to stain quartz isn’t. Lament flooring is also an option to make it easy to mop up messes. 


When your kids are younger they seem to be attached to your hip. They don’t want to leave mom’s side even if she is cooking dinner for the family. If they’re going to be in the kitchen with you, but you want them to stay out of the way, then consider adding things to your design that will keep them entertained. A feature chalkboard wall, for example, can keep them drawing for hours. You could also buy a television for them to watch their favorite shows. 

Space is Ideal

If you have the funds for a complete kitchen remodel then remember space is key to a family-friendly kitchen. The more space you have the less cluttered you guys feel if you’re in the kitchen at the same time. Open concepts are very popular and provide a ton of space which can be ideal for putting up child gates, a playpen, or a section with toys to keep the kids occupied. 


For kitchens without a lot of counter space, things can get pretty crowded really fast. You can make the kitchen more family-friendly by installing an island. A nice island not only provides more storage but gives you space for prepping meals. It can also double as an eating or studying area for the kids if you don’t have space for a nook. 


For infants and toddlers roaming around the kitchen, you want to be careful. Be sure that you have babyproofed everything to keep them from getting hurt. Section off the area by the stove with a child safety gate put socket covers over low but unused outlets, put rubber bumpers on sharp corners,  and install locks on cabinets they shouldn’t access.

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared and families spend time with one another. If your kitchen tends to become a madhouse when the kids are around, make some changes like those discussed above to make it more kid-friendly.

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