How to Find Inspiration for a Kitchen Remodel

One of the greatest transitions over the past two decades has been the evolution in the use of the modern kitchen. A kitchen used to be a space of pure functionality. It was strictly for cooking and eating meals that didn’t call for a more formal gathering in the dining room.

These days the kitchen serves as a central hub of the entire house, even rivaling the living room. As the concept of an open kitchen becomes more and more popular, people are spending more time in the kitchen. For example, pre-proportioned meal delivery services have made the ideal spot for a date night or to spend quality time with the kids. Due to the increase in time spent in the kitchen, it is often one of the first priorities when it comes to redesigning a particular room in the home.

However, for most of us, the workday doesn’t end at the stroke of five. Most of us work a second shift that consists of activities like hitting the gym, cooking the family dinner, networking events, or helping the kids with their homework. If you have the desire and budget to remodel your kitchen, the next major step will be actually finding the time to get concrete inspiration to launch the project. It’s often easy to get overwhelmed by the millions of home décor blogs and inspiration image boards online. Below are a few tips to gain inspiration in a more organized fashion:

Utilize the World of Real Estate

Many people often forget about the wealth of inspiration that can be found from looking at real-life kitchens that can be found when you search home listings online. View expertly crafted Mountain View cabinets and efficiently designed floor plans in Malibu, then adjust your search parameters for zip codes along the east coast and so on.  This is an untapped wealth of real-world kitchen inspiration out there waiting to be seen.

Don’t Rule Out Print Inspiration Sources

Many people forget about the print media sources when looking for inspiration for a kitchen remodel. However, there are many concrete benefits to picking up a few home décor magazines that you may have overlooked. First, print magazines are a great source of inspiration because they offer the most modern and popular trends at any given time. Due to the cost of printing magazines, only the absolute elite design inspiration pieces make it into any décor magazine’s most current issue.

Another huge benefit of drawing inspiration from interior design magazines is that it helps you stay focused. You can easily mark pages and physically cut out inspiration pieces. It can be incredibly unhelpful to dig down the rabbit hole of hundreds of blogs, Pinterest boards, and décor websites. Hours later you can find yourself not only overwhelmed but having reviewed thousands upon thousands of photos with nothing concrete to show for it. Print sources can help you keep focus.

Using Digital to Accessorize

The world of digital décor websites like ours is very helpful for seeking kitchen remodel inspiration. Online sources are great to uncover new ideas for accessories, backsplash, and accent pieces. Today’s kitchens are also becoming more and more connected. From the simple addition of a TV to Bluetooth capabilities to the integration of smart home technology, online publications reveal all the latest bells and whistles which are possible thanks to improvements in tech and the implementation of the Internet of Things. You can gain inspiration by seeing how today’s most modern homeowner is integrating technology into their kitchen.

Given the increasing emphasis placed on kitchens these days, it’s no wonder you’re driven to make changes to improve the one in your house. As you can see, there are a number of ways to get inspired for a kitchen remodel, so give them a try before getting started.

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