A Picnic with Gold Emblem from CVS

Gold Emblem Picnic

If you’re gearing up for a fun Labor Day picnic, be sure to check out CVS for great products and deals!   Their Gold Emblem line of snacks includes something for everyone in the family.  They have cookies, candies, trail mix,  dried fruit, drinks, and more!  And while you’re shopping check out their Total Home line of paper products for easy serving and clean up!

I recently received an Igloo cooler filled with some great items from CVS:

  • Raspberry & Creme Shortbread Cookies
  • Dried Mediterranean Apricots
  • 100% Natural Granola & Berries
  • Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Water
  • Total Home Napkins
  • Total Home Wipes

I was most happy to see the cookies.  I absolutely LOVE these cookies.  I like to just leave the box sitting out on the counter, and when I want a quick snack, I’ll just grab one or two, and it’s just great!

I also liked the granola.  It’s really great for a healthy, on-the-go snack.  And since I’ve never tried flavored water before, I was very interested in trying this bottle of  Strawberry Kiwi.  Pretty good! I’m definitely interested in seeing what other flavors they have available!

Gold Emblem Cooler


Gold Emblem Disclosure

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