Bathing Suit Trends You Can Feel Confident In

Has your swimsuit inventory gone downhill over the past few years? Have you gained or lost weight and now your suit doesn’t fit? Haven’t had the time or money to shop for a new one lately? Or maybe you’re going on vacation or planning on taking a swim? Whatever reason you’ve found yourself shopping for a new bathing suit, you’re in luck. 

This season, there are so many different styles and trends to match all body types and styles. You’re bound to find something you love and feel confident in. To give you an idea, here’s a look at the fashionable swimsuits out there today:

One-Piece Bathing Suits

Believe it or not, one-piece swimsuits are making a huge comeback! They’ve gone beyond the basic leotard look and have taken on a whole new form. You can find the one-pieces in different colors, patterns, and prints. More trendy styles are halter-tops, deep v-neck, and one-shoulder pieces. For women who’d appreciate a little extra support, lots of the one-pieces have features like control-top for stomach support and extra cushion for the bustline. 

Triangle Bikinis

Triangle bathing suits are also trending this season. You can find triangle bikini tops and bottoms in just about any pattern or color scheme. Whether you’re a fan of solid bathing suits or patterned bathing suits, you’ll find that there are plenty of options to choose from.

High-Cut is In

If you’ve been gifted with legs of a goddess then why not show them off? High-cut one and two-piece bathings suits are definitely trending this season. This once retro trend has made its way back to the forefront and looks great. You can find a high-cut bathing suit in an array of styles and textures from bright and bold to leopard print and crinkle options you may have a hard time deciding which one looks the best. 

Animal Prints

There’s something bold, confident, and exotic about an animal print bathing suit. From one-piece zebra prints to two-piece snakeskin sets, if you like to stand out in the crowd, these bathing suit styles will certainly do the trick. 

Underwire Top

Ladies need all the support they can get from a bathing suit – particularly in the chest area. For bustier women, having additional support keeps them feeling attractive and prevents them from having a backache later on. That’s why it would appear that designers are getting into underwire top options for swimwear this year. You’ll find that many styles of bathing suits and bikinis now have underwire protection for added support and comfort.


Swimsuits are more than just something you throw on to hop in the water, it’s a summer fashion statement. Even the tiniest details can make you stand out and feel more confident. Lately, you’ll notice that both the one and two-piece swimsuit styles have belts. While some are sewn as an attachment to the suit others easily wrap around your waist and tie. 

Smocked Swimsuits

Smocked swimsuits have become a trend for both girls and women. The rigid pattern gives it such texture and volume. You’ll find that swimsuit designers are incorporating it into many styles. In fact, you can find the smocked trend used in every bathing suit style listed above. They also come in solids and other cute prints to add more flare. 

Sustainable Swimsuits

In an effort to support the environment you’ll see that more fashion lines have opted to use more sustainable materials in their products. Not only will you find more styles made from durable high-quality recycled materials, but you’ll also find that more brands are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in the process by using cleaner production processes. If you’re worried about what a sustainable swimsuit would look like, don’t be alarmed. You’re not going to get something that looks like plastic or newspaper print, but elegant designs and fashions in various styles to match all body types. 

Every woman needs at least one or two trendy bathing suits in their arsenal at all times. You just never know when the occasion might arise for you to throw one on and strut your stuff. A pool party, dream vacation, day at the beach, or even a few laps around the gym pool is a whole lot more fun when you look good and feel confident. 

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