Dreaming of a Vacation

It seems like everyone I know has been away for spring break for the past week or two.  It reminds me of just how long it’s been since I’ve been on a vacation. I have to admit, I’m usually quite the home-body, but everyone needs time away ever now and then!  Last year  I managed to leave the kitties for a few days and went to Mobile for a few days.  That was fun, although you can’t really call it a vacation since it was more of a “visit the family” kind of trip.

But perhaps I’ll get go to the beach or to the mountains this year.  Or maybe I can find some Family Holiday Deals on some other type of trip.

My dream trip is a European vacation. I’d especially love to see England, Scotland, and Ireland,  although I’d be thrilled to see any European country.

And I’d also love to go on a cruise some time.  I’ve heard they are a lot of fun, and you can generally find good deals on them as well.

And as for here in the states, being a lover of history, I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Boston, and I’ve always wanted to visit Texas, particuarly the Alamo.

And here lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to go to Las Vegas.  I have no idea why. I’m not much a gambler, and I’m definitely not the life of the party at all. It would just be something fun and different to do, I suppose.

Are you dreaming of a Vacation too?  Where would you like go this year?



  1. I totally want to take my daughter to Hawaii. I think she’d LOVE it. And I want to go to Paris and Switzerland, and all of Europe. As for Las Vegas – you should totally go! We went for our 10th anniversary last year and we are so NOT partiers anymore. There are some great spa hotels off strip that are way more relaxed, plus the strip has great restaurants, shopping, and shows. 🙂

  2. YES! I need a vacation too! A real one… not just a visit to family! 😉 I would love to go to the beach somewhere!!!

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