How About A Big Community Thanksgiving Party?

Store marketing tends to depict Thanksgiving as a national turkey celebration. However, the obsession with turkey dishes has managed only one thing: It’s making us forget what Thanksgiving is all about. Indeed, the beloved national holiday is a celebration of gratitude – after the first harvest in the New World – and belonging. The very first Thanksgiving feasts brought everyone together, leading the Pilgrims and the Native Indians to share a meal.

Nowadays, the Thanksgiving holiday is, for many, synonymous with family conflicts and party stress at the best of times! Even if you love your family, there’s no denying that having your relatives over can turn the pressure up for a few days, especially if you have different opinions or lifestyles!

But don’t let these inconveniences put you off the party. More and more Americans spend the holiday on their own. At its core, Thanksgiving was a feast of hope in the future and sharing. It’s time to bring belonging back into the celebration by organizing a neighborhood Thanksgiving party.

Turn Turkey day into people’s holiday

 Why you need to plan for your community

Being alone is challenging every day. But being alone when everyone else is celebrating together feels like being stabbed in the heart. Some people find coping solutions, such as traveling to take their minds off the situation. Others try to keep their minds busy with household chores or outdoors activities. But in the end, not everyone has the emotional strength to look for an alternative. You probably know an old lady or gentleman in your neighborhood who spends the holiday alone. Why not invite them instead?

Additionally, if you live in town, you might have noticed a shift in social communities. Most families, nowadays, don’t talk to or know their neighbors, which makes it tricky to spot the lonely people. But you can post on your local Facebook page your plan to organize a party for everyone. You can get to meet new people and help to bring your community together.

A festive menu for all

A big Thanksgiving feast needs proper food. If you’re unsure about dietary requirements, it’s best to plan for a Halal option with a professional catering company such as as well as a vegan or vegetarian menu. This ensures that you can keep everyone happy. You can also recruit helpers to bake cakes and sweet pies for the big day, as well as prepare holiday drinks. Children will love the Cranberry punch that is full of flavor and super fun to drink – you can find the recipe on a previous article of You can also get someone to prepare a spiced pumpkin iced coffee ahead. The three ingredients recipe is super easy and quick; and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on many faces!  

What you can expect from it

Last, but not least, a word to help you to decide whether a community party is the right thing for you. Ultimately, for someone who spends Thanksgiving alone, you can offer a chance of company and making friends. It doesn’t replace a family-focused holiday. But it can give a lonely and depressed individual a new sense of belonging.

If you enjoy planning parties and getting to know people, creating a community Thanksgiving party is maybe the closest you can get to what the original feast would have been like. Beware, however: It’s a lot of work! But the emotional reward is priceless.

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