Easy Holiday Drinks To Make And Enjoy

Peppermint Eggnog


The holidays have arrived. With eager anticipation, you await the arrival of friends and family. You plan the perfect holiday party, from the comfort food to the decorations and on to the festive drinks. In planning, avoiding being overwhelmed by preparations is the main goal. You want to make tasty drinks, but don’t want to take time away from spending it with your loved ones. Here are five festive drink recipes that only call for a few ingredients.

Spiced Pumpkin Iced Coffee

Tired from cooking and feeling quite warm from being near the stove? Here is a drink that can pick you up, and yes, I sure did add something pumpkin spiced. This recipe calls for only three ingredients and can be made quickly. The recipe asks for your favorite coffee, preferably a flavor that does not overwhelm the pumpkin taste, spiced pumpkin puree, and milk. In a glass cup, mix ¾ oz. of coffee with ½ oz. spiced pumpkin puree and milk. Leave enough room for ice and top it off with a dollop of whip cream (optional). This recipe is good for one 16 oz. cup. So adjust the recipe to serve more.

Cranberry Mint Holiday Punch

So you’ve set the time for the party and it’s only an hour away. You haven’t made the punch yet and you’re looking for something quick but tasty. Here is a recipe for a drink that is not only tasty but will also go well as an edible decoration. It asks for one bag of cranberries, one 2-liter bottle of Sprite, one 46 oz. jug of cran-raspberry juice and ten crushed mint leaves. To assemble, combine everything in a punch bowl and serve. Easy right? The cranberries floating in the punch makes it pleasing to the eye and aligns with holiday-themed parties.

Cherry Lemon-Lime Punch

Okay, so you’ve made the recipe above, but want an additional punch on the other end of the table. So you decide on making another bowl of punch but this time a different flavor. You want to give your guests choices. This easy recipe can be made as quickly as the one above. The recipe asks for eight cups of cold water, one 12 oz. can of frozen lemonade concentrate, 2-liters of chilled ginger ale, and one 1-liter of chilled cherry lemon-lime soda. To make, combine water and lemonade concentrate in the bowl. Then, stir in the ginger ale and lemon-lime soda. That’s it! Optionally, you can decorate the punch with slices of lemon and cherries.

So Simple Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the most popular drinks we associate the holidays with. It’s a classic drink that warms as we entertain. You can also make these ahead of time as a dry-mix to take with you on the go. In an article, the recipe requires 3 ½ cups of sugar, two ¼ cups of cocoa, one tablespoon of salt, and whole milk. To prepare, combine all ingredients, but the milk, in a bowl. You can then store it in an “airtight “container. If you wish to make a cup, add one cup of hot whole milk and two tablespoons of the mixture and enjoy. As an option, add a dollop of whip cream and sprinkle crushed holiday candy-canes on top.

Easy Egg Nog

Another staple during the holidays is drinking a cup of eggnog. Nothing reminds us more of the holidays than that of eggnog. This creamy recipe is simple and with just a few ingredients, you and your guests can enjoy it right away. The recipe asks for two eggs (beaten), three tablespoons of sugar, 2 1/3 cup of milk (low-fat or whole), one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of ground nutmeg. To make, blend together all ingredients. If you choose to drink it cold, you can add ice, making the eggnog a milkshake. If you choose to drink it hot, pop it in the microwave for a minute and enjoy.

Whichever you choose to make for your holiday festivities, always remember that spending time with your family and friends is what’s important. It is beneficial for you to prepare early by buying the ingredients ahead of time. You want to wow and also entertain your guests, but you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by all the preparations. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, holiday preparations make wonderful memories by doing it together.

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