Delicious, Modern Coffee for Every Family Member


Coffee is a natural wonder drink, packed full of health-boosting elements besides the zap of energy it provides. A study by the world-renowned BMJ found that 2 coffees, daily, reduce risk for a list of conditions as broad as melanoma, Alzheimer’s and prostate conditions. This is one of the many reasons the black stuff is number 3 on America’s favorite drinks list, alongside being the top hot beverage.

Coffee helps to mitigate diabetes; it acts as a social glue for gatherings. Not everyone enjoys the bitter taste of coffee, though, or the powerful punch of caffeine every glass or cup provides. For a natural, inclusive household, there’s a few crafty recipes you can employ to make you coffee an everyman’s drink.

Taking the fuss out of good coffee

One of the problems coffee strains under is the time it takes to make a nice cup. With Americans on the go everyday, most don’t have time to make a stove-top espresso or French press Americano. Instant coffee is the word of the day, but according to market research, much instant coffee tastes terrible. What’s the solution? One way to get delicious coffee on the go in the home and wow yourself and guests alike is through using coffee machines, which speed up brewing time whilst still using good products. Whilst many come with bespoke creamers, a basic espresso pod, when combined with some choice ingredients, can create a quick and great quality cup of java.

Try combining your espresso shot with a creamer, or simply using hot water and a little spice. In the winter, cinnamon can turn the acidity of coffee upside down, and create a warming treat. If you are going down the route of using ground coffee and are conscious of the environment, try to find a brand that has eco friendly coffee certifications.

Producing your own creamers

Turning a black coffee into something less tingly to the sensations is achieved through the use of creamer. The problem with creamers is that, according to research reported by Fox, creamers are not usually very healthy. They contain thickening agents, artificial flavors, and are often overpriced. How can you know it’s overpriced? Well, coffee creamer can be made very easily in the home – without having to pay for a branded product.

To do so, simply combine an amount of milk based product – that could be milk, single cream, coconut milk, almond milk, and so on. With that, add flavorings. Vanilla bean extract is popular and inexpensive, as is a little golden syrup. A thorough mix later and you have a product that can be preserved in the fridge (non-dairy will last longer) and can provide a luxurious side to your homemade coffee.

Making decaf delicious again

Decaf coffee is preferred by many who want the smooth taste of coffee without the sleep prevention caffeine induces. Unfortunately, according to Clutch Coffee Roasters, it’s difficult to get a good taste out of decaf – the process of removing caffeine inherently removes flavor, too. To overcome flavor paucity, you need to get more water on more surface area of the coffee. How is this achieved? First off, buy your coffee as fresh as possible – just like with caffeinated brews, this is the real difference. If you’re grinding your own, grind your beans to a finer size – though make sure you have a suitable mesh. This will let the flavor permeate the water more easily. Serve the water a little hotter to get the flavor flowing, too – decaf can take this more readily.

Coffee is one of the USA’s favorite drinks – and for good reasons. With proven health benefits and a galvanizing effect on energy levels, it powers much of the nation. In the home, getting good tasting coffee to appeal across the board isn’t difficult, either.

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