Fighting Diabetes with Coffee Enemas and Natural Diet

The long-term condition called Diabetes mellitus commonly known as diabetes. According to International Diabetes Federation IDF, in Nov 2014 it was estimated that over 371 million people throughout the world had diabetes. This long-term condition which is as a result of either inadequacy of the pancreas gland to produce insulin or the body cells are not responding properly to insulin. Diabetes is associated with high blood sugar/glucose. Diabetes mellitus varies, we have Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes are cause due to the inability of the body to produce insulin, this is said to be present from childhood. Type 2 is the most common as 90% of people with diabetes has this type and it is caused when the body isn’t producing enough insulin for the proper function, while gestational diabetes is mainly found with pregnant women.

There is no general list of things that cause diabetes, it varies. The probability of having diabetes might depend on genetic make-up, family background, bacterial infections, toxins present within foods consumed, obesity, ageing, malnutrition, or having a large baby weighing over 90b. These causes leads to different types of diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes symptoms do not readily show up to be easily noticed except Type 1 diabetes which spring forth within days or weeks. According to IDF out of 371 million people affected about 187 million are not aware that they have diabetes. IDF has given 4 symptoms in which when observed by anyone, it should prompt anyone to go for a medical checkup quickly. These symptoms are:

● Frequent urination

● Get thirsty

● Intense hunger

● Strange weight loss

● Cuts/bruise don’t heal properly

● Blurred vision

● Get fatigue easily,

● Have infections on the gum

● Skin and sexual dysfunction.

Complications of Diabetes

If diabetes is not properly attended to, complications relating to- Eye (cataracts, diabetics, etc.), heart, hypertension, mental health (depression, anxiety, etc.), impaired hearing, gum infections, improper healing of wounds, infections and stroke might occur.

Coffee enemas with alternative treatments fight diabetes. Coffee enema however ridiculous this sounds has shown to also help in fighting diabetes. Diabetes has been known to be due to improper functioning of the pancreas gland, which leads to improper digestion i.e. the pancreas gland cannot secrete insulin for sugar break down. More reason why we need coffee enema because it handle any digestion that might or have occurred. Coffee enemas are popularly used and accepted as a way to flush out bacteria, yeast and fungus from the liver and colon. This helps in lowering the probability of any organ or gland being infected. In the 1800, coffee enema is being used to speed up healing, which helps diabetic people get healed when they have retarded healing process

In order for diabetes to stay away from you, you have to stay away from certain things that contains large amount of sugar such as; sweets of any manner, fruit or fruit juice. Avoid eating food containing starches; white flour, the best starches are the cooked vegetables not raw vegetables. Limit the number of times you drink coffee and above all sleep well at least 9hours every night.

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