Re-Decorating Your Toddler’s Room As They Get Older

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Your kids are the cause of a lot of financial pain. I mean, let’s be real, they cost a lot of money to raise! Especially when you think about how much you spend on decorating and redecorating their bedroom. As your child gets older, their tastes differ, and they want their room to reflect that. I could pick any transition stage in their life here, but I want to focus on when they go from toddler age to the age of a young child. I’m talking about the age when they’re in pre-school and then full-time school.

Here, your child will undergo their first real taste changes. For one, they no longer need a crib, they actually have to have a bed! So, here are some ways you can decorate a toddlers room, to make it slightly more mature.

Set Up A Reading Corner

Encouraging your child to read is very important. They should go into their first year of school with at least a little bit of reading ability under their belt. Otherwise, this can hold back their development, and make it hard for them in school. One great way to do this is by setting up a reading corner in their new bedroom. Get a little bookcase filled with children’s books of varying difficulties – so they can work their way up as they get older. If you look on, you will see some small bean bag chairs that I think would go well in a reading corner. They can sit in the chair and read whenever they want, and the fun aspect of a bean bag chair encourages them to go in the corner more often!

Create A Play Area

If possible, you should try and contain your child’s mess as well as you can. A good way to attempt this is by creating a play area in their room. Collect all their toys in one place, and it can be where they do all their playing. So, the right-hand side of their room may be filled with toys on the floor, but at least the other half isn’t! Now, if you really want to get creative and attempt a fairly big interior design project, then you can style the room, so the floor drops down a bit in the middle, creating a little play pit for your child. I’ve also seen ideas where you create a loft in their bedroom, offering playspace for them to climb into via a ladder. The first idea is safer, so I prefer that!

Keep Things Plain

Finally, I say you should try and keep things plain and simple. Don’t buy them a bed that’s shaped like a car, because you’ll end up having to get rid of it when they get older. Buy them a simple single bed that they can use for years on end! The same goes for wallpaper, avoid patterns of their favorite TV characters as they’ll just grow out of them. Paint the walls in nice bright colors that you know they’ll love.

I hope this article helps you re-decorate your toddler’s bedroom as they turn into a little child! Now, it’s a little more to their current tastes and can grow with your child too.

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