Decor Ideas That Your Teenage Kids Will Adore

Furniture and decor changes can be appreciated by all ages–not just adults! That’s why we’ve decided to put together a short list of decor improvements and ideas that your teenage kids will absolutely love. Whether they’ve been good kids that recently scored well in an exam or if you just want to treat them to a new and improved bedroom, here are a couple of ideas for teenage decor changes that are both easy to do and can completely transform the way they see their bedroom.


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Adding their own fun and functional furniture


Including a large bean bag from Sack Daddy or a bunk bed can be a fantastic choice for adventurous kids that love fun and functional furniture. Bean bags make trendy alternatives to seats and bunk beds usually come with desks and plenty of storage. If you’re feeling extra generous and want to indulge your kids, then consider designer furniture that is targeted specifically towards children. It might be expensive, but it will certainly wow them when they see it.


Allowing your kids to express their desires and passions


When your kids were toddlers, they probably loved certain comic book heroes or cartoons and wanted wallpapers or bed linen to represent that. However, as we upgrade their rooms, we can often default back to basic patterns and colours that don’t allow our kids to express their desires or passions. If they love art, consider adding some artsy wallpapers and pictures. If they still love games and cartoons, then adding a couple of posters will be a great idea. Whatever they currently enjoy, allow them to customize their room as they see fit so they can personalize it with their own interests.


Creating a multi-functional room for everything they need


It’s important to understand that your kids want a bit more privacy and freedom in how they use their room. That’s why it’s important to give them a desk of their own for their computer, and you might want to consider adding something like extra chairs and a small table for when their friends come over. Allow them to add their own television as well so they can watch things or play video games with their friends when they come around to visit. This also means they won’t be hogging the family television!


Giving them fun and unique storage spaces


To follow the theme of giving your children more independence, consider adding unique storage options for your kids to store everything from books to their toys. Unique storage spaces include fancy-looking wall shelves or small boxes to keep things such as toys and make-up. There are also bags that can be used for things like dirty laundry, and colour-coordinated shelves are a fun idea as well. Most furniture stores will have some sections for children’s storage, and these can often be a great source of ideas for DIY projects or just purchasing ideas.


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