Easy Hacks To Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Haven

There are so many studies that confirm that the environment that we sleep in has a big impact on the quality of the sleep that we have. But even when we all know this, there are so many of us that still sleep in super cluttered, messy, and uncomfortable bedrooms. So here are some easy hacks that you can do to make a change to your room, to make it a proper sleep haven. Try them and see the difference for yourself.


Eliminate Natural Light

Natural light is all good for our Instagram snaps, but when it comes to sleep, we want to have the room as dark as possible. When you have a dark room it will mimic the natural setting of the sun, so it will help your body and your brain to give a signal that you should be ready for sleep. You could choose some thick drapes or curtains, as well as blackout blinds to help to mimic this. It can make a massive difference.

Add Greenery

Having plants around the home has also been shown to provide many benefits to our health. It can help to keep the air clean and improve the quality of the oxygen in the air. It has also been shown to help to reduce stress and anxiety and help to boost your mood. If you want to feel calmer, then some houseplants in your bedroom are a must.

Get New Bedding

It is a no brainer that the bedding can also play a part in how comfortable you are when you sleep. A comforter that is too thick can leave you feeling too warm, as well as one that is too thin can keep you awake as you’re too cold. So checking you have a comforter that is the right tog for you can make such a difference. You pillow can also make a difference; too many can give you stiff neck and too little can make your back hurt. It really is a science to get your bed just right! If you’re looking to get new bedding, then look out for something like a MyPillow promo code, for example. You don’t want to have to spend a fortune to get a good night’s sleep.

Use Your Sense of Smell

Using your sense of smell is a great way to help you to sleep better. From scented candles to natural essential oils, there is nothing better. Plus, when you use certain smells like lavender, not only do they help you to sleep, but you will associate those kinds of smell with relaxation and sleeping. Meaning that it will make it easier to sleep in the future too.

Have a Notebook Close By

If you struggle to sleep because of your mind thinking about all sorts of things, then having a notebook close by can make such a difference because you can write down your thoughts and feelings or any notes that you need to remember. Then your mind can unwind and you’ll be able to sleep better.


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