Turning Your Bedroom Into A Relaxation Station


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The bedroom is the only room in the house that should be your haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but a lot of us use our bedroom for more than just sleeping! We now use it to watch TV, to catch up on social media, and even to eat food if the desire arises! The bedroom should only be for the purposes of relaxing. So many of us have pointless clutter hanging around, but what can we do to make our bedrooms more relaxing, and therefore, get a better night’s sleep?

Get A Good Mattress

And not just a good one, but a great one! The value of investing in a good mattress is underestimated, we all spend a lot of time going for secondhand options instead of a mattress of high quality. So you need to get the right type of mattress for your level of comfort, and for most of us, a memory foam mattress is a sensible choice, but there are plenty of others such as hybrid mattresses or even a waterbed if you find that more relaxing. Although a lot of people don’t!

The Colors Of Your Room

If your room is very stimulating color like red, you need to change it to more muted colours. And try not to make your walls too busy, try to be subtle and avoid the temptation of having excessive patterns. Or if you like a simple pattern, stick to one type blended with the color, so it looks sophisticated.

Give It A Clean

A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind, so you won’t relax and get a deep sleep. If you have piles of mess building up in the corners, make sure you clean up properly and get some order into your life.

Only Sleep In The Bedroom

Don’t watch TV, don’t do your taxes, and no, don’t use your phone! If you make the bedroom another office, you will never get into that frame of mind that is conducive to good quality sleep. So remove any traces of work from the bedroom, so that when you step in through the doorway, you can have the physiological response of relaxation rather than being reminded of work which will kick your brain into action.

Keep It Cool

It should be the coolest room in the house, and you need to find ways to combat overheating which you can do by using materials made of natural fibers, so they breathe better. You can also help your body to prepare for sleep by cooling your body down, either by having a cold shower a couple of hours before bedtime, or stripping down and going au naturale. It’s also beneficial when it comes to reducing your cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

A bad night’s sleep can contribute to stress, leading to things like weight gain, and an overall anxious temperament, so it’s important for you to have one place in your house that will help you relax. If you can make your bedroom more relaxing by trying some of these things out, you will see a marked difference in your overall temperament and also get a good night’s sleep while you’re at it!

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