DIY No Sew Pet Blanket and Pet Stockings with Purina

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When I go out shopping these days, the aisles are decked with Christmas decorations and great gift ideas.  I can’t help but get in the spirit of the season and start planning my holiday shopping list.  And as I get ready to prepare my gift list, I always include my four legged family members!  The Simply Sweet Home dog and cats get a stocking each year, filled with food, treats, and toys.  And we have a good time watching as they receive these gifts.  Today I’m going to show you how a few products from Purina can help you to make your pets Christmas merry and bright!  And I’m going to share a tutorial for a DIY Pet Blanket, the perfect handmade gift for your dog or cat.



For my cat stockings I picked up some Purina Fancy Feast Purely wet food and some Purina Friskies Party Mix.  And for the dog stocking, I purchased some Purina Beneful wet food and Purina Beggin’ Strips.


Now through the end of November, take advantage of great savings on your favorite Purina pet products available at Kroger with this, while supplies last.


You can also save money on select products by using your Kroger Plus card.  I like shopping the pet aisle at Kroger, because everything is nicely organized.  They have all the cat products on one side of the aisle and all the dog products on the other side.


My first little gift recipient is Rebel.  Rebel is 8 years old and is the oldest of all the animals.  Rebel loves the holiday season.  The faux tree and garland drive him wild, and he’s always excited to see what’s in his stocking and which flavor of wet food he’ll be feasting on for the holiday!


Sugar is our 5 year old princess cat.  Even when Sugar’s in a deep sleep, I just have to shake the Friskies Party Mix bag and she will come running, so I know she will be excited to see what’s in the Christmas stockings this year!


Then there’s Mina.  She is a our newest cat.  She’s only about 6 months old, so this is her first Christmas.  Despite Mina’s small size, she LOVES her wet food and treats, so Friskies Party Mix and Fancy Feast Purely will definitely make her excited for the holidays!



Here’s a picture of one of their stockings.  Along with getting my cats some treats and wet food, I always like to get them some toys.  Items to consider include a cat teaser, a soft cat nip toy, lattice balls or mylar balls, and a Friskies Pull ‘n Play.


Next we have Shadow.  She is our 2 year old Chihuahua mix.  Shadow is a very playful and excitable dog, who loves her meal and treat time! She LOVES her Beggin’ Strips and also enjoys various varieties of Beneful wet food (especially anything with chicken or beef).  And I’m always excited to watch her as she receives her gifts.


Along with Shadow’s wet food and treats, she also gets 2 or three toys. When it comes to toys, she likes just about anything, as long as she can chew on it.  I like to get her soft toys with a squeaker or something with mylar material that scrunches inside.  And then she also enjoys rope toys.


Pet Blankets:

Aside from Purina pet foods and treats, one thing that all my animals enjoy is something to sleep on.  For this reason, I have several soft blankets on hand just for them.  Today I’m excited to show you how you can make your own handmade pet blanket.  This is an easy craft tutorial that involves no sewing, and the only thing you really have to buy is the fabric.  It is just a simple way that you can show your pet some love this holiday season.


What You’ll Need:

  • Material (at least 3ft x 4 ft for an extra small blanket)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Fine tip pin or other writing utensil




  1. Place your fabric on the floor or on your crafting table.  If the fabric has a pretty side, place the pretty side down.
  2. Use your pen and measuring tape to mark off your fabric.  (These marks will be places where you will be cutting with scissors, and you will not see them once the blanket is complete.)  I used a felt tip pen, but if you’re using a fleece fabric or other fabrics, you may need to use a different type of pen or marker.)
  3. Place your measuring tape across near fabric (about an inch from the edge), and make a small mark for every one inch.  After you’ve made your marks down one whole side of the fabric, move your measuring tape down about 3 inches from the edge of the fabric (if you are using a very thin fabric) or move it down 4-5 inches if you are using a thicker fabric.  Once your measuring tape is laid out across the fabric, use your pen and trace a line going across the fabric.
  4. Now use your scissors to cut fringe in to the edge of the fabric.  You should make your cuts at the one inch lines that your made, and you should cut the fridge all the way to the line you’ve traced.


5.  Once the fringe is cut, take one piece of fringe and tie it in knot, and as you tie the knot, be sure that you pull the knot toward the blanket, rather than away.  If you have trouble making the knots, due to thick fabric and/or short fringe, you may need to cut your fringe longer.

6. Continue tying the fringe in to knots, and as you tie them, be sure to pull the fabric apart, as the knot tying will cause the fabric to cinch up.

7.  Once you have one side of your blanket, complete, you should repeat the process of the opposite side of the fabric.  Then you can either leave the other two sides plain, or you may repeat the process so that each side has the fringe.  And voila! You have a cute new blanket for your pet!



Do you enjoy spreading holiday cheer to your pet?  Leave a comment letting me know something special you like to do for your pets during the holiday.

And check out this blogger sourced page, for more ideas and inspiration.




  1. I love making homemade gifts for our pets- some of my dog’s favorite toys are handmade! #client


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