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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina®. The opinions and text are all mine.


As you know, my dog and cats aren’t just pets, they are members of the family and the Simply Sweet Home team.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that we recently added a new member to the family, a little black and white kitten named Mina.  Today I’m excited to let Mina make her blogging debut and do her first product review and feature.  Together she and I will be telling you about a product that every toy and treat loving cat should have: the Friskies┬« Pull ‘n Play.


First let me tell you a little more about Mina.  She is currently around 4 months old, and we’ve had her for nearly 2 months.  She was a rescue cat and also a bit of a feral kitten when we got her, but we very quickly tamed her and transformed her in to a sweet and loving cat.

She actually came from my in-law’s house.  They live sort of out in the country, and sadly people just drop off animals there a lot. A pregnant cat was dropped off over a year ago, and this spring that same cat and three of her female kittens all had new litters.  It was basically a colony of feral cats: 5 adults and 13 kittens.  They managed to trap all the cats in a cage, so they could be taken to a shelter…every cat except Mina.  I don’t know if she escaped or if she never got in the cage to begin with, but when I learned about the motherless, I decided to take her myself.  (All the kittens were adorable, and I’d wanted one anyway, so this seemed like fate!)  So they let us when they had her in a cage, and we went to pick her up and bring her to her forever home.


For a week or two Mina was given her own room, where she mostly hid behind and under furniture, and of course, when we’d bring in food or milk, she come out to visit.  At the time, she was so skinny, you could feel her little backbone sticking out. (There had been a lot of competition around the food bowl and for Mother’s milk.)  She was clearly a runt, weighing less than 2 pounds, and she was scared of the world.  But in virtually no time at all, she warmed up to us, particularly me, and she was happy to learn she had other animal friends here.


Mina just loves playing with our dog Shadow, although sometimes Mina and Shadow don’t exactly understand each other’s methods of play.  And Mina loves playing with her old somewhat reluctant brother and sister cats.

Mina also loves to snuggle and cuddle, and she loves to run and play. When she plays with her toys she is absolutely hilarious and a joy a to watch!


Friskies Pull ‘n Play is a great toy for cats of all ages and is a great way to treat your cat!    You can find the Pull ‘n Play Play Pack, complete with Pull ‘n Play strings and Party Mix treats at your local PetSmart.


The Friskies Pull ‘n Play toy is right up Mina’s alley.  Because she’s still a very young kitten, she loves to knock stuff around and play.  The Pull ‘n Play toy features Wobbert.  Wobbert is the name of the white and green wobbler toy.  Currently PetSmart also has a special limited edition version of Wobbert the Wobbler in orange. To find the special edition wobbler, find a PetSmart location near you.

Aside from being a toy that Mina can slap around, the wobbler is a bonafide snack dispenser for Mina!  Though Mina is a little cat, she has an appetite like you wouldn’t believe, and she loves her treats!  When you purchase your Pull ‘n Play Package, it comes with a package of strings, which are a soft treat that you insert through the top of the wobbler.  You can buy the Pull ‘n Play string refills in 3 different flavors:  Chicken & Cheese, Salmon & Shrimp, and Tuna & Crab.

Mina LOVES the strings.  When I put these in the toy, they do not last long, she she immediately goes to pulling and chewing on them!


And then in addition of the Pull ‘n Play Strings, you can also pour Friskies Party Mix treats inside the wobbler.  And as your kitty plays with the wobbler, it will dispense the treats out the sides, and like the strings, you can buy the Friskies Party Mix in several flavors your cat will love!

Mina goes crazy when the treats are dispensed.  I just love to sit back and watch her chase after the treats.  I think it’s almost as fun for me as it is for her!

Here’s a little demo video of Mina playing and enjoying a little snack with Wobbert the Wobbler:


Do you have a furry friend who would love Friskies Pull ‘n Play?  I’d love for you to tell me about him or her in the comments.  I also invite you to pick up your own Friskies Pull ‘n Play toy at PetSmart and follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram.



  1. Nancy Loring says

    Friskies treats are my 3 cats favorite treats. I have also been feeding to stray cats for almost 2 years now. They wont come in my house (I have tried many times) because I have 2 dogs. I have set up 2 shelters for my strays which really aren’t strays because I have named them and I feed them 3 times a day. They let me pet them and give them love and I play with them I just wish they would not be afraid of my dogs who are big babies.

  2. Ericka Bissell says

    I have a”grand furbaby” and I know he’d like to try friskies!!

  3. Kimberly Bauer says

    My sisters cat would play with the pull and play non-stop.

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