Easy Home Makeover Projects: Part 2 – Revamping Your Front Steps

House Makeover

Hey everyone.  This is Gary.  The other day Jerri shared our little masterpiece we’ve been working on.  Haha!  Well, she loves it anyway, and I think it looks pretty good.  Today I’m going to talk about a very important piece of the puzzle: the front porch steps.

The old step was very…old.  It looked bad.  It wobbled.  It was unsafe.  It was old.

Old Steps

As luck would have it, my dad found a set of steps that he let us have:


They were a little crackled and off white in color, so we had to paint them them, using the same grey porch paint we used on our porch.

Other than that, we just need a few tools and a little heavy lifting to these installed.

First we just had to use tools to remove the old step.  You can use a crowbar, shovel, or anything else you have that can get underneath something heavy, and then just pry it up.

new steps

If your ground is uneven at all, it’s a good idea to shovel out a little dirt before putting your new step down, but if you’re not sure about the ground, you can always just put your step down and then fix the wobble.  Just prop your step up.  (We placed a couple of bricks underneath to hold the step up.  Then pack your dirt in underneath.)

Once  the dirt is packed underneath, just remove bricks or whatever you are using to prop up your step, and you are good to go!

Porch Steps

As for the look of the steps, they were actually  an off white color, but we fixed that in just a few minutes with grey porch paint.  We painted it with one coat of paint around the sides and then we put 3 coats of paint on tops of the steps.  We’re really hoping the 3 coats will stand up well against weather and foot traffic.

And because we had a big indention on the ground where an old paver block used to be in front of the old step, we decided to put down this row of red paver stones (another thing we got from my dad).

We considered painting these as well, but after laying them out, we thought the red was a good contrast to the grey steps and it coordinated well with our red shutters.

This is just one simple thing you can do to update the outside of your home. What do you think?


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