5 Ways to Show Your Cats You Care with Fancy Feast and Litter Genie

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5 Ways to Show Cats You Care

When I’m not blogging, I am a full time Cat Mommy and part time member of the Cat Paparazzi!  Anyone who knows me knows I’m in love with my cats, and they pretty much run the show here!  For those of you aren’t familiar with the Simply Sweet Home cats, let me introduce you!

Rebel cat

First we have Rebel, the handsome man cat! (Hello Rebel!) Rebel is almost 7 years old.  He’s a very sweet and sociable cat who loves to be petted (in moderation, of course).  He loves to “sing” and drum on random objects throughout the house, and he’s a great foot warmer on cold nights!

Sugar Belle

 Then there’s Sugar Belle, the princess cat (aka – Miss Pretty).  Sugar is 3 years old.  She is such a loving and playful cat and snuggle partner.  And although she’s shy around all other people in the world except me, she  has no trouble showing Rebel and our dog Shadow that she is the boss (and she has some mad ninja skills).

Fancy Feast

When you really love your fur babies, you put a lot in to their care!  Here are just a few ways I (and you) can show the cat-kids some love!

1. First and foremost, give your cat great food and treats.  In our household, canned food day is an oh-so-special day!  Purina Fancy Feast has several varieties my cats just love!  And the products are made with high quality proteins and ingredients, so we can feel good about serving it to our cats!

Last week I picked up a box of the Seafood Feast Variety Classic.  It has 3 flavors inside:

  • Savory Salmon Feast
  • Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast
  • Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast

At Target, it is $12-$13 for the box of 24 cans.  I give the wet food as a treat.  The cats love it as an alternative to their dry food.  And I can actually split one can at a time between the two cats, so overall this is a great price for my purposes. (And a can of wet food is actually the only thing that will make Sugar sing like Rebel, so I LOVE that!)

Rebel and Sugar Fancy Feast

2.  Give the cats furniture and/or space in your home.  Cats actually NEED to scratch, so a scratch post or pad is a must!  It’s also good to give your cat some type of cat tree or other item to climb and jump on, and they also need a place to sit and sleep.  If you live in a small apartment and don’t have room for all these things or if you have certain areas of your house you just don’t want your cats to use, I recommend finding/making desirable places where your cat CAN be.  For example, I’m always at my desk working and the cats naturally gravitate to where I am, so I’ve placed a few blankets in cat-friendly areas on and near my desk. The blankets are very soft and inviting to them; plus I’ve placed them in both high and low places (to fit their every mood).

3.  Offer them toys and play with them!  Cats needs exercise and stimulation, so offer them toys and make an effort to play with them, not just hand them the toy.  Keep in mind, some cats may respond better to one toy than another. (For example, Rebel loves cat teasers but he has no desire to follow a laser pointer.)

4.  Keep your cat’s areas and items clean.  Change out their water, and wash their food and water bowls regularly.  Keep their bedding, blankets, and toys clean, and replace items as needed. Also, be sure to clean the area around their litter box and food/water bowls clean.  I actually have a roll of shelf liner in a my cats’ eating area.  (I recommend putting down a yoga mat or a roll of shelf liner in these areas. They are very easy to clean with a broom or dust buster and sanitized with a little antibacterial spray cleaner and rag. It’s also affordable & durable, and it’s a great way to protect your floors!)

Litter Genie

5.  Scoop the box regularly and use Litter Genie to eliminate odors.  Cats love a clean box, so scoop your box daily and change your litter out completely on a regular basis.

And get a Litter Genie! Scooping the litter box is my least favorite cat related chore. (Isn’t it everyone’s?)  But the Litter Genie makes it a little easier.  Basically with the Litter Genie, you can scoop your litter box each day, but you can skip the daily bagging and the daily trip to the trash for up to 2 weeks, because it let’s you store the waste that you scoop and locks in the odors in until you are ready to throw the bag away.

Here’s how the Litter Genie works:

Attach Scoop Holder


First you’ll need to open the Litter Genie at the middle (as shown above).  Then attach your scoop holder.  Close and place your scoop inside the scoop holder.  Then add your Litter Genie Refill.


Litter Genie Refill

To do this, take the refill. (You’ll find it inside the Litter Genie.)  Pull the ring off the top of it.  The pull out about a foot of the blue plastic.  Pull it through the center and tie a knot.

Open the top of the Litter Genie as shown above and place refill inside .  Pull the center flap out (as shown in the bottom-middle photo above).  This will allow you to push the plastic all the way to the bottom.  C;ose your lid.  Now your ready to place the Litter Genie next to your litter box.

Litter Genie Scoop


Scoop your litter box and place litter and waste inside the Litter Genie.  When you are finished scopping, pull out the center flap.  This will allow the litter to sink down to the bottom of the Litter Genie, locking in odors so you won’t have to smell it next time you open it up to scoop.

When you’re ready to empty, just open the Litter Genie at the Center.  You’ll find a cutter inside that will allow you to cut the plastic bag at the top.  Upon cutting the plastic, just tie a knot at the top of your full bag of litter.

Then use your refill to make a new “litter bag” repeating the process described above.

Rebel Window


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Sugar Window

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