15 Must-Have Items for The Crafter’s Toolkit

15 Crafters Tools

Ever since I started crafting and making jewelry, I’ve created my own little tool box.  I find that it’s handy to have everything in one place, so I can just grab and go anytime I’m ready to work.  Today I’m sharing some tools that I believe are a must for any crafter regardless of what you like to make.

1. Tape Measure and Rulers – In certain projects, accurate measurements can be the different between a perfect finished project and huge project fail.  Always have a tape measure on hand, as well as a 6 or 12 inch ruler, and a yard stick for a larger projects.

2. Paint Brushes – Even if you aren’t a painter, a paint brush may come in handy for certain projects such as decoupage.  Use foam brushes; they come in a number of sizes and can be used with different paints and materials.

3. Scissors – Scissors are obviously used to cut everything from paper to ribbon to fabric.  Depending on your project, regular scissor may not cut it. (No pun intended.)  You may need a pair of floral shears, tailor scissors, or industrial scissors.

4. Pliers – Pliers are a necessity for jewelry making and other craft projects that involve wire.  They come in a number of types including round nose and flat nose and can also be found in sets in your hardware or crafting stores.

5. Tape – You never know when you’re going to need tape.  Regular gift wrapping tape is a must have supply in any home, and additionally you may need duct tape, painter’s tape, or double sided tape.

6. Wire cutters – These are essential for jewelry making and working with wire, and they can also be used in wreath making and floral projects.

7. Utility Knife / Box Cutter – While kitchen knives and scissors are great for cutting, you really need a utility knife (or box cutter) for cutting cardboard, foam, and other non-paper materials. You can find the Kershaw Lucha review from an online knife store over at CE Blades

8. Drill / Rotary Tools – To drill holes in wood, plastic, soft metals, and other materials, you can purchase a small rotary tool or household drill.

9. Hole Punch – For less intensive  projects like card making and paper crafting, a simple hole punch may be needed.

10. Hot Glue Gun – A glue gun is a must for any crafter.  It works on a number of projects and materials.  Look for a  cool touch gun to prevent burns.

11. Hammers and Rubber Mallets – Obviously you don’t need a hammer for simple paper crafting, but for jewelry making or wood work, a hammer or rubber mallet may be necessary.  When it comes to certain projects, a particular kind or weight of hammer may be necessary.  Be sure you have the right kind before you start your project.

12. Apron with pockets – This will not only protect your clothing from paint, glue, and other spilled substances, but an apron with pockets is great for holding your tools and supplies.

13. Safety Glasses – Safety glasses may be necessary if you are doing a project that involves chemicals, open flame, torches, or cutting materials such as wire.

14. Gloves – Gloves may be needed for a number of reasons in crafting.  Depending on your project you may need them to protect your hands from burns, cuts, or even getting smashed.  Or you may simply need them to keep your hands clean and dry.

15. Tool Bag or Caddy – Depending on what your crafting area looks like and the number of supplies you have it may be necessary to have a special tool bag or caddy to put all your tools in so they can be easily accessible and organized.

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