Gold Emblem Snacks For On The Go

Gold Emblem On The Go Snacks

You may recall a few week’s ago I told you that I had been selected to be a Gold Emblem Taste Makers, and I shared with you my first round of snacks.  Now it’s time for Round 2! Woot!

This time CVS sent me a cute red card filled with snacks that are great for on the go:

  • Gold Emblem Select Chocolate Bars
  • Gold Emblem Classic Blend Trail Mix
  • Gold Emblem Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets
  • Gold Emblem Cranberry Berry Mix Snack Size
  • Gold Emblem Classic Trail Mix Bar
  • Gold Emblem Pitted Prunes
  • Gold Emblem Sour Neon Crawlers

CVS Sour Neon Crawlers

For today’s post I will talk about my favorites of these.  I think my absolute favorite is the Sour Neon Crawlers.  If you read my last review, you learned that I love Gummi Bears, and that includes sour gummies!  These tasted great!  Not too sour, like some candies are….they were just right!

CVS Chocolate

I also love the Chocolate Bars.  I received too large bars of Belgian Chocolate in Milk and Dark.  It was really good quality gourmet chocolate that I’d easily take over other leading brands.

CVS Pretzel Nuggets

And I also enjoyed the Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets.  Peanut Butter and Pretzel is a great flavor combination, and I think it would be a great snack for when you’re on the road, because they aren’t messy and unlike a lot of other snacks you eat, these are actually quite filling (in a good way).  And if you like peanut butter and pretzel, then you may actually find these a bit addicting!

CVS Trail Mix

And finally they have a great collection of trail mixes and trail mix bars. I really like this Classic Blend Trail Mix. It contains a mix of raisins, M&Ms, peanuts, cashews, and almonds, and it was very yummy!

Be sure to check your localCVS for these and other Gold Emblem Snacks!

Gold Emblem Taste Maker


Disclosure:  I am a Gold Emblem Taste Maker and received free products from CVS to try and review.

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