CVS Gold Emblem Snacks Review

CVS Gold Emblem

As you know, I love trying out new foods, especially snacks!  Recently I was introduced to the Gold Emblem brand of snacks available exclusively at CVS.  The line includes nuts, trail mix, pretzels, candy, crackers and cookies.  With a line up like that, I didn’t hesitate to say yes when I was asked to sample some of their products.

One item I was recieved was the Gold Emblem California Pistachios with Sea Salt.  These sell for $1.50 for a 1.5 oz package or $8.49 for a 1.16 lb package.  I don’t usually eat Pistachios, but I really enjoyed these.  They taste great. They are a snack, that once you have one, you want to keep going.  And they have a lot of health benefits, such as being heart healthy, which is a great thing.

I also got to try their Honey Roasted Almonds.  These cost $6.49 for an 8.5 oz container.  They are seasoned with cinnamon, so they have both a sweet and salty taste to them, and they are very yummy.  And I’d say they are another snack that you will not want to stop eating.

I also got to try the  Gummy Bears.  I am a huge fan of gummy bears. They are one of my favorite candies! And I was very pleased with the taste of the Gold Emblem brand.  They are also a great value at just $.74 for a 4 oz package.

And finally, my favorite item in the line (so far) is the Absolutely Divine Raspberry Creme Shortbread Cookies.  I could eat a whole box of these in one sitting.  I love sandwich cookies anyway, and these are so sweet and creamy.  And then the raspberry on top adds a bit of tart to, making this just a wonderful snack for one and all.

So far I love all the Gold Emblem snacks, and I can’t wait to try more of their line.  Go check it out for yourself at your CVS or online at!

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