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Within the first year that I started blogging, I wrote a series of posts called “Back to College.”  Since this is Back to School month, it seemed like a good time to revisit these.  At the time it had been two years since I had graduated from college, and I just wanted to share some things that I had learned.  As the first person in my immediate family to go to college, I went in not really knowing anything about financial aid, books, and so many other things.  And looking back, I wish I’d had someone to advice me because I definitely would have done things differently.  But I’m hopefully that someone will read these posts and gain some knowledge from my experience.

 The Importance of Planning – This post explains about early planning to finance your college tuition and to prepare yourself (or child) academically for college.

Deciding Where to Go to College – This tells you some basic things to look at when deciding where to go to college, and it tells you about different ways to do your own independent research on schools you’re interested in.

Guide to Fiancial Aid, Part 1 – Basic guide to getting financial aid.

Guide to Financial Aid, Part 2 -Shopping for student loans, Positives & Negatives to getting loans through your school, and My experiences with fiananical aid.

A “Major” Decision – About when & how you should choose your major. What factors should you take into account?

Dorm Room Supply List, Part 1 -School and office supplies, Furniture & other big items

Dorm Room Supply List, Part 2 – Household and every day items, Personal Touch/Decor Items, and personal entertainment items.

Textbook Dollars – Chart for a couple of years ago that explains where your textbook dollars go.

Textbook Q&A – Answers to some basic questions on buying textbooks

Beating the Bookstore – Tips & Strategies to help you saving money on textbooks (and all books for that matter.)

Beating the Bookstore Again – Information on bookstore refunds and buy backs, how to get the most money selling your books.

Campus Book Rentals – This post wasn’t a part of the series but actually a review that I wrote earlier this year.   The site allows you to save money buy renting books, which they mail out to you.  It’s a very cool concept and very convenient!


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