Great Savings with Campus Book Rentals

Recently my husband started taking college classes again, and as we went about purchasing the textbooks, I was reminded of just how expensive some of the books can be.  I was excited the other day when I learned about Campus Book Rentals.

This site allows you to save money on textbooks by renting them as opposed to buying them. Previously I had heard of renting ebooks, but this is the first site I’ve learned about which actually lets you rent a physical copy of the book you need and then ship it back when your class is over.

To find out just how much we could save, I looked up  the books my husband had to buy for this semester.  One book that he had to have was Teaching Today.  We actually paid $117 for this book, but on you can get the book for just $56.01.

That’s a savings of over 50%. Just imagine how much you could save in dollars each semester!

The  site allows you to highlight and write in the books, so you can treat the book as if you had bought it! You also get to choose how long you will keep the books for (a semester, a quarter, or other amount of time that you select). And they send you a shipping label with the books, so that you can easily send them back free of charge!

Here’s a video that can tell you more:


And not only can you save money (and save room on your shelves) by renting your textbooks from, but every time you rent a book from their site, a donation is made to Operation Smile.

Disclosure: For posting about I received a credit from their website. However, the opinions are my own.

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