SSH’s Best of 2010: Food

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying the new year so far!  I think it’s no secret to anyone that food is my favorite thing to post about here at Simply Sweet Home, and I’m so excited every week to get your comments on my recipes. For this week, instead of posting a new recipe, I am revisiting some of my favorite foods that I shared with you on my blog in 2010.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them just as much the second time around and maybe even catch something that you might have missed the first time! 
Happy Baking in 2011!



  1. Great collection. :O) I've been looking for a new taco soup recipe to try, if it made your top, I'm going to try it out next week! I'm looking forward to fugure recipes. :O)

  2. Samoas are my favorite cookie. I'll have to try these. Everything looks delicious. Nice collection!

  3. YUM! Everything looks so good but I'm especially drawn to the Samoas…mmmmm!

  4. YUM!!! It's been so much fun following you Jerri!!! You always make me hungry!!

  5. Those homemade samoas always get me! How can I resist a cookie like that? I need to try them!

  6. Marni's Organized Mess says

    Yum! I am so hungry now!

  7. HoosierHomemade says

    Looks yummy! The chocolate chip cookies are making me really hungry!

  8. Those look YUMMERS!! I will be trying out the samoa cookies.

  9. WOW! Those all look amazing. I need to wipe the drool from my chin now.

    I'm hosting a meme called Friday Food Fight and I would love for you to link up and play along.

  10. They all look so good. I'll know where to look when I need a new recipe.

  11. LambAround says

    Mmmmm! You have my stomach growling, especially after seeing those chocolate chip cookies…and the samoas…and the thick taco soup 🙂

    It's almost time for bed, but I might stay up and do some cooking instead!

  12. Everything looks delicious! Can I have a piece of that chocolate cake, please?

  13. I still love those cookies. I pinned this 🙂

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