Bridal Shower Encore Presentation


In case you missed any of my special bridal shower posts, here is a special encore presentation; that is, a list of of links to all of the bridal shower posts. Hope you enjoyed the festivities and got plenty of inspiration for your future showers and parties. Thank you for “attending.” And thanks to everyone who allowed me to include their photos in this event!

Bridal Shower Links & Resources – Games, Decorations, Party Favors. All the information and supplies you’ll need to plan the perfect wedding or party.

Lovely Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations – A great assortment of handmade wedding and shower invitations. You can order a design from one of my featured artists, or use their designs to get inspired.

Mexican Wedding Cookies – Great wedding or party treat.

Happy Couple Collage Project – My idea for a handmade wedding/shower present; would also make a great decoration for the wedding or an engagement party/shower.

Inspired Shower Tables – A collection of decorated shower tables. Great ideas that can be incorporated into any type of party.

Bridal Apron – Perfect and personal wedding gift. A handmade apron from Happy Find. Go check out this lovely design, and find out how to order your own custom design.

Bridal Giveaways & Freebies – A couple of bridal giveaways and a freebie for you.

Wedding & Shower Cupcakes – A beautiful assortment of wedding and shower cupcakes. A must-see post for our cupcake lovers!

Parade of Wedding Cakes – The best part of any wedding: the cake! Here’s a brilliant collection of wedding cakes. They’re almost too beautiful to eat!


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