Cats in Motion: Top Tips for Road Trips With Your Fussy and Furry Feline

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Traveling with a cat is a totally different experience than with a dog or some other pet. Here are several tips to keep your sanity and make the trip with your feline friend.

Get Your Vet’s Approval

Before you head out on a long trip, talk to your vet. Make sure that kitty doesn’t need any shots or that he or she is OK to travel. A basic checkup will put your mind at ease and possibly make the cat’s live easier too.

If your cat is older, you’ll want to start sensitizing him or her to the trip by making sure that he’s comfortable being in and around vehicles.

Cats don’t always like cars.

Start them as young as you can, and you shouldn’t have too many problems. For a brief time, a kitten is pretty open to experiencing new things. But, that period is pretty limited. After about 7 weeks, cats start to become set in their ways.

One thing you can do to protect your seats is to get a cover from It will catch any hair that your cat starts to shed out of anxiety or stress. It will also give kitty something to claw that’s not your seats. [Read more…]