Introducing the Genesis Gem Phone



Many of us are dealing with the worries of having an aging parent.  My dad will be 60 this year, and ever since he had a heart attack 8 years ago, I worry about something happening to him.  He also lives alone out in the country, and is always working outdoors, which gives me even more reason to worry!

The Genesis Phone is a new phone currently in development.  It is a 24/7 support system for you and your family.  It makes it easy for your loved one to call you.  (My dad has trouble with the latest  technology and always wants simple phone just to call from with out all the “extra junk.”)

And apart from being a phone that you can call from, the phone is equipped with GPS so that you can locate your loved ones.  This feature actually comes in handy not just for seniors, but also for kids, or anyone else you want to keep track of.

The phone is also connected to a 24/7 Emergency center that your loved ones can call if they need help.

And finally the  feature I found to be most unique is the auto-reminder feature.  If you have a parent who often forgets what time to take medicine or which medicines to take, you can set auto reminders to tell them.  Or perhaps set reminders about doctor’s appointments or other meetings and errands.  This was also be great for kids.  Perhaps they need a reminder about who will be picking them up from school or a reminder to turn in field trip money, or something of that nature.

The Genesis Gem sounds like it will be a great product to help keep you connected to your loved ones and make your job as a caregiver easier and lot more care-free.

Disclosure: For writing this post, I was compensated with an Amazon gift card. However, the opinions are my own.