Top Natural Cleaning Tips 

A lot of people have recently been switching to natural or environmentally/eco friendly cleaning products. If you are someone who wants to be environmentally friendly with your cleaning, natural products can be just as effective. Here are our top tips for spotless natural cleaning!

Red wine removal

One of life’s most tricky cleaning endeavors, unless dealt with properly, red wine stains can be disastrous and some can often result in professional carpet cleaning. However if you act fast, dousing with soda water and dabbing with layers of paper towel. The bubbles in the soda water can be really affective at lifting the wine. Continue doing this until no residue is left on the towel.

Laundry Smells

Laundry baskets can often get a little…fragrant. However lining them with paper towels that have been sprinkled with some natural oils (such as lavender or tee tree) will keep the laundry basket (and importantly surrounding areas!) at bay


This is an excellent tip we got from Kim and Agie but you don’t need abrasive chemicals for window cleaning – mixing 25% vinegar with 75% warm water will have them sparkling clean. Remove all residue with a towel afterwards so no vinegary smells are left.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural, non toxic and cheap product that can be incredible for cleaning! It can be used in lots of rooms and for multiple purposes. For example a small pot of baking soda in any bins, fridges or cupboards will keep away potentially unpleasant food odors. Baking soda can also be used to clean sides and surfaces by just sprinkling on the side and wiping with a warm water towel – the same also applies for silver – rubbing a baking soda paste on to it is excellent for making your silver wear sparkling and shiny!


Lemon also makes a great natural cleaner. Infuse with vinegar for a couple of weeks for a fresh smelling natural cleaner that works perfectly for cleaning windows or floors.

Stock up on lots of vinegar, lemons and baking soda and you will find natural cleaning more easier and more effective than you ever thought!