5 Ways to Kill Fleas on Your Dog or Cat

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As you know I am a very proud cat and dog mommy.  I love my furbabies and would do anything for them.  A year ago we adopted Mina.  In the past year, she has gone from a scared and basically feral kitten to the most loving cat in the house.  Unfortunately when we got Mina, she brought a few friends along with her: fleas.

My plan was to keep Mina separate from the other animals until she could be seen by a vet, but that plan fell by the wayside, and unfortunately Mina shared her flea friends with her new cat and dog siblings.  As a result, we have worked very hard to get rid of the fleas on the animals and the house.  It is a very difficult process, because even as you kill fleas on your animals, you also have to work to kill them in the house, so that new fleas don’t just jump back on your pet after you’ve killed others.

Today we are going to talk about the first part of this equation:  killing fleas on your cats and dogs.  I’ve used several methods and products, and today I will tell you what we’ve tried, what works best, and what specific products we like. [Read more…]

Treating My Cats with True Science

Disclosure: Today’s post comes to you in partnership with True Science. I received products and compensation to facilitate this content. The opinions are my own.True Science Treats and Flea Medicine

If you follow me on Instagram you would quickly become acquainted with my furbabies…..Rebel & Sugar (the Simply Sweet Home cats)  and Shadow (the Simply Sweet Home dog).  They are very much the center of the universe around here.  It’s been a while since they’ve been featured here on the blog, so I will reintroduce them in a bit.  But first I have some exciting news!  I was recently chosen as a True Science Ambassador!  They are a new company offering the very best in pet care products from food and treats to medicine!  And I’m so excited to share their products with my furbabies, and you, my readers! [Read more…]