Unplug. Pop. Connect. With Jolly Time

Unplug Pop Connect

Are you glued to your technology? It seems our lives completely revolve around our computers, phones, and other electronic devices.  At any given time, there is someone in our house either playing a video game, surfing the net, checking email, or doing business electronically.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my electronics, and since I’m a blogger and Etsy shop owner, it is especially important for me to have online access at all times, but more and more I’ve grown to appreciate the concept of unplugging.  It’s so good to spend time with your family talking and enjoying each other’s company without everyone being distracted by their electronics, and it is at this time that you are able to truly connect (just like we used to in the “old days”).

I’ve been a fan of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for years. They offer a variety of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn products and are the only Ready-to-Eat popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers®.

The folks at JOLLY TIME are currently running a great campaign called Unplug Pop Connect.  The goal of the campaign is to get families to “unplug” from their electronic devices and “connect” with one another.  (And the “pop” part of the campaign is for the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn you can eat while you connect!)

One unplugged activity my family and I enjoy doing is board games.  We play a lot of Yahtzee and Scrabble, and then we also enjoy trivia games like Jeopardy and Logo, and classics like Battleship, Life, and Monopoly.

And a bowl of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn definitely hits the spot for family game night!

What kind of unplugged activities do you like to do with your family?

Visit Unplug Pop Connect and share your family’s pledge and you’ll receive a JOLLY TIME Coupon.  You could also possibly win a prize!

Also, visit JOLLY TIME Pop Corn on Facebook.


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Share Your Love Is A Gift Story

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Love is a Gift
Blogging and social media make it so easy for us to help out worthy causes. This week I am joining MassMutal’s Love is a Gift Campaign  This campaign celebrates the people who matter most to us, while also raising funds to benefit Easter Seals.  Easter Seals is an organization that helps people with disabilities, providing information and access to services to both patients and caregivers. #LoveIsAGift

You can join us too!  All you have to do is share your story of the transformative power of love by uploading a photo of you and your loved one.  For every story shared, MassMutual will donate $1 to Easter Seals, up to $50,000.  Simply upload your story to the campaign site or on public Instagram accounts using hashtag: #LoveIsAGift.

Check out this video for more details and to see some lovely examples:


For this campaign, I’m sharing a few pictures of family:

Gary and Jerri

Of course, my hubby was the first person who came to mind when I read about this campaign.  There is so much I could write about him here, but I know if he were reading this, he would say, “Please don’t!” Haha!  Despite those potential objections,  I will say that Gary and I had to go down a long road for us be together and get to where we are now, and I think we are living proof every day that LoveisaGift.

Noah and Odie

 As many of you know, I haven’t had the opportunity to have my own baby, but I love my stepson Noah as if he were my own.  His fun-loving attitude and sense of humor can always make me smile and laugh.  And as I spend my days with him, he gives me the motivation I need to be a good role model and work hard to accomplish things I want to with my blog, business and other areas of my life.

Jerri and Rebel

 There’s no love as unconditional as the love we get from our pets! I can always count on my Fur Babies to put a smile on my face no matter how I’m feeling or what kind of day I’m having.  Rebel says, “I love you” every day by incessantly meowing until I pet him or sit down next to him.

Sugar and Jerri


Sugar is a little more on the quiet side.  She says, “I love you” just by snuggling up next to me or giving me a “love bite” while I’m at my computer, as if to say, “Pet now!”

And while most people wouldn’t fall for any of these tactics, I’m pretty much a sucker for them!  I adore the Fur Babies and feel their #LoveIsAGift.

Twitter Party! MassMutual is also having a #LoveIsAGift Twitter Party on Wednesday, November 5 between 8:00 am – 9:00 am PST/ 11:00 am – Noon EST.   Please note this is a completely separate event from the Easter Seals donation initiative.  Hope to see you at the party!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the MassMutual.