Recipe of the Week: Egg Custard Pie


I made something a little different for this week’s featured recipe. This week was my dad’s birthday, and for the occasion I decided to make my first attempt at an Egg Custard Pie. I remember my grandmother making these for my dad when I was still a kid. He loved them, but I don’t recall him ever getting the recipe for it or attempting to make it himself, which is kind of odd because my dad’s always trying new recipes. Anyway, my dad feels that he has basically everything he needs, and he’d much rather receive a gift that someone made for him as opposed to something that’s been bought, so for his birthday, I wanted to try this recipe.

I have to admit, I was a little clueless here. Not only had I never made this, but I’ve never even tasted one before! So I had nothing to compare it to, other than the memory of what my grandmother’s pie looked like! And there were only about half a dozen different recipes to choose from in my books! So basically I went in to this, knowing that at the very least my dad would be happy that I even made the attempt and he’d be pleased that I paid attention and remembered that he liked this pie.

¬†Well, that idea turned out to be a major understatement. When I showed up with the pie, my dad was thrilled! He said that he didn’t think he’d had one since the last time my grandmother made one before she got sick, which was about 15 years ago! He was very surprised and happy, and upon tasting it, he said it was just as good as the one’s grandma used to make. (yay!) I actually can’t remember the last time I saw him react to a gift like that, so it was very touching, and made me very happy as well!

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