Cabin Curtains for my Kitchen

Before I get to today’s scheduled post, I thought some of my “regulars” might have been wondering what happened to this week’s giveaway.  Yes, there will be one, but it will posted tomorrow per the sponsor’s request.  (And here’s a hint: Groceries!)

One thing I’ve worked on in our house the last few months, is making the kitchen a little more thematic and color coordinated.  At some point last year in one of my posts, I said that our kitchen was  having a bit of an identity crisis.  So I’ve done different things to make red the primary color, using apples, red checks and plaids.  Now I’ve been shopping for things like curtains and curtain blinds.


For my windows I chose: Casey’s Cabin Window Valance by JoJo Designs Red

And I have to confess, and I know I may get some strange looks or laughs for this, but they are actually nursery curtains!  I was searching for plaid curtains when I found these, and then afterward I found all the other nursery accessories! (lol)

 But I decided to go with these anyway.  I liked the different  colors and patterns, and it seemed perfect for a country style kitchen!

What do you think?  Oh, and in case you’re interested in this nursery theme.  Here’s a picture of the crib and all the accessories!




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