Friday Favorites – Week 114


Hi Ladies! Hope you’re having a lovely month of May so far! Just to let you know, I’ve got some great things, including some super giveaways lined up for this month, so I hope you will enjoy me for all the fun!

I also have a couple of quick announcements. First off, I’m calling for new blog sponsors this summer! I’ve added some new options to my advertising packages to make the ads affordable and worthwhile. Please email me for details.

I’m also currently scheduling guest posts for the summer months.  So some of you might get an email from me, inviting you to be a guest.  You can also send me an email if you’d like to be a guest on my blog. I will be looking for recipes, craft tutorials, and decor related posts. And the content is completely up to you, just as long as it will be suitable for the summer season.  So send me an email if you’d like to be guest.

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