Expert London Removals: What You Need to Know

Moving house is always difficult, let alone when you’re moving to a place in London. It’s the busiest city in the UK with terrible roads and millions of people. Attempting the move alone is borderline crazy – you need expert London removals to guide you through the process. What does this entail? Plenty of things become part of the moving process when you work with an experienced moving company. The points in this post explain what happens so you know what to expect from the process!

Start by finding the best removal company

Begin with an extensive Google search to find the best removal companies in the London area. You’ll find loads of businesses offering removals in South London, Central London and many other areas of the city – including all the London boroughs. Your first port of call is ensuring the company covers the area you’re in/moving to, so you know they’re experienced with the road layouts and can get around with no issues.


From here, you’ll have a shortlist to narrow down – consider the following when selecting your expert London removals company:


● What services do they provide?

● How expensive are they?

● Do they have the right level of insurance?

● Are they certified?

● How much experience have they got?

● What do previous customers say about them?

● Have they been recommended by friends/family?


Following your research, you should be able to pick one removal company to handle your move. You’ve filtered all the results and found a business that adheres to your unique needs and is experienced in London removals.

Pick the main services you require

The next stage of the removal process is picking the services you need for your move. This can include any of the following:


● Expert packing services

● Self-storage services

● Car transportation services

● Valuable items removal services

● Large items removal services


The list goes on, and some people may only need one or two services in addition to the general moving service. You could need a company to help you move your belongings to a London home, and you may also want them to help pack everything. It’s up to you; think about how you’ll benefit from the services and if they’re worth paying for. If you’re severely strapped for time, paying extra for a company to pack your belongings and unpack them at your new London home makes a lot of sense. Likewise, you may need them to move large items of furniture or musical instruments – like pianos – as you can’t physically do this.

Arrange a suitable moving date

What constitutes a suitable moving date? It depends on your situation; if you can be flexible, a good moving date is during the week, outside of rush hour times. Pick a date that gives you enough time to prepare for the move so you’re not overly stressed about it.


In many instances, you’re unable to be flexible due to the nature of your move. Perhaps you’re forced to move because you’ve sold your home, and the new owners are moving in on a certain date. This means your moving date has to come before this, so you can be out of your old house before the new owners start setting up shop and to avoid any awkwardness.


Regardless, try your best to move during the week, as London removals on weekends can prove difficult. There’ll be a lot of foot and vehicle traffic in the city, which is why you should pick a time outside of the normal busy hours.

Acquire all the packing supplies

Any good moving company in London will provide packing supplies for you to use. Some throw these in as part of their removal package, while others sell them individually. Grab all of the following:


● Sturdy removal boxes

● Packing tape

● Bubble wrap for protection

● Wardrobe boxes


Armed with all the right packing supplies, you can start packing your life up, ready for the move. If you choose to pay for the removal company to do this, then you need to arrange for them to come over and start packing before the moving date.

Get ready to move

After packing everything, you’re ready for the move! All that’s left is to wait for the moving date and let the expert moving company take over. Working with an experienced company helps immeasurably and takes all the stress out of moving to or from London. You’ve seen the main

steps involved and what to expect; now, head out there and kickstart the moving process for real.

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