Camping the High Tech Way – The Future is Here

We all remember out childhood days, when dad would load up the ute and we would head off for a weekend of camping. Living in the wilderness is a family bonding experience and if you have never considered a camping holiday, perhaps now is the right time to change that.

Camping trailers/caravans The leading camping equipment supplier offers small caravans for sale of all shapes and sizes and they are crammed with tech that means you have a comfortable camping experience. These tough caravans can go anywhere and they hook up to any brand of 4×4, with the following features.

● Cutting-edge insulation – From ceiling to roof, the latest generation of off-road trailers are well-insulated, keeping you comfortable wherever you happen to be in Australia.

● A/C & heating – Full climate control ensures total comfort in all conditions and terrains.

● Lithium power system – Lithium-ion batteries store your solar energy; a solar blanket is rolled out on the roof is all you need to harvest energy.

● En-suite bathroom & toilet – Hot water for refreshing showers.

● Outdoor kitchen – A fully equipped outdoor kitchen with all the mod cons.

If you would like to view the top trailer/caravans in Australia, start with a Google search and check out the amazing range of units, all filled with the latest tech.

Solar energy

Solar panel tech has come a long way since the early days; the latest generation of solar panels can harvest energy on cloudy days! Most Australian campers use solar blankets that you simply unroll on your vehicle roof, connect to your lithium-ion batteries and you have all the power you need. This is a game-changer that allows you to disappear into the wilderness for days, as you have all the power you could possibly need.


Glamping is basically camping with comfort; gone are the days when you have hardship while out in the wilderness and thanks to 21st century tech, camping will never be the same. Start your quest for the perfect caravan/trailer with a Google search and choose the unit that best meets your needs. Although camping is a lot more comfortable, you are still bonding with Mother Earth; Australians are the best when it comes to sleeping under the stars, which is why the best caravans are found Down Under.

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