Research Says that Alcohol Won’t Make You More Creative

Some artists have used drugs and alcohol because they felt it made them more creative. Writers like Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Bukowski all used chemicals as part of their writing process. Some would-be writers, artists, and other creative types still try to use alcohol or drugs to help with their productivity.   

  If you’ve gotten into this pattern and live in this part of the country, sober living houses in Utah might be a good fit for you. Individuals who need to get sober can benefit from time away from their usual haunts. They can dry out and reassess their lives. 

  It’s also essential to understand the reality of trying to use alcohol to be more creative. We’ll talk about it in the following article. 

  Do You Need Alcohol to Be More Creative? 

  There is a deeply held belief by some people that you can’t be as creative as an artist without using alcohol or drugs. Is there any truth to it, though? 

  The research says there isn’t. The University of Essex’s Psychology Department conducted a study on this belief, and the individuals involved in it determined that chemicals do not help you become more creative. 

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