5 Key Elements That Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant


Knowing it’s the right time to start your parenthood journey can be a huge moment for you and your partner, whether you need to conceive through natural or medical means. However, as much as you think you’re ready to have a baby, some factors could impact how successful you are. With that in mind, here are five key elements that will boost your chances of getting pregnant. 

A Healthy Lifestyle 

You will need to live a healthy life when you’re pregnant, so you may as well get ahead by improving your health and well-being while trying to get pregnant. Not only will this make it easier to maintain your new habits, but it can also put your body in a stronger position to conceive. Furthermore, a healthy body will also mean a healthy baby, as they will receive all the nutrients they need to grow well in the womb. 

Having Sex When Fertile 

Although it can be a completely random chance when you get pregnant and there are always exceptions to the rule, the best way to get pregnant is to have sex around your peak fertility day as this is when the body is most ready for a sperm to attach to an egg. You can find apps that track your ovulation cycle to ensure you know when you have the best chance of getting pregnant, allowing you to arrange sessions around this date. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try during other times of the month, as every try will help. 

Prenatal Supplements 

Women wanting to get pregnant can improve their chances by taking prenatal supplements. These supplements contain things like folic acid and other key vitamins and minerals that can increase the chances of getting pregnant. Many people who have taken these supplements report getting pregnant much sooner than those who don’t, with an average timeline of 12 months from the first try. If you have been trying to get pregnant but aren’t taking supplements, try them to see if your luck changes. 

Avoiding Alcohol and Smoking 

This sounds obvious, and like living a healthy lifestyle, you will quit drinking and smoking when pregnant. However, you can also improve your chances of getting pregnant by quitting everything even before you’re with child. This approach gives your body the chance to adapt and means you can put yourself in a stronger and healthier position to conceive. 

Stress-Free Living 

Similarly, stress contributes to various factors that can impact your chances of getting pregnant, including exhaustion and weight gain, which may hinder your sex drive and, therefore, lessen your opportunities to try for a baby. However, you may work a stressful job or be dealing with other issues out of your control. So, learning stress-management techniques can help you find the calmness you need to relieve any worries and focus on getting pregnant above everything else. 

Summing Up 

Trying to get pregnant can be a long and often frustrating road for many couples. Still, all you can do is put yourself in the best position to improve your chances of getting pregnant. These tips should help you make positive changes while speaking to fertility experts can also ensure you get all the information you need to start your parenting journey

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