Cable Railing: A Prevailing Trend for Balconies and Stairs

Balconies and stairs are fixtures of many homes and professional buildings as well. Whether you’re building a balcony or a staircase for a house or a commercial building, you must ensure they’re secure and safe for people to use. If you don’t, someone might fall and seriously injure themselves.

That’s part of why cable railings have become so popular in the construction industry. You can look into cable railing fabrication in Orange County if you’re going to start a construction project there. In this article, we will talk about cable railings and why they’ve become such a common go-to option in construction.

What is Cable Railing?

Cable railings are also sometimes described as wire rope railings. They’re a form of safety rail that you often see that utilizes either vertical or horizontal cables. These cables are usually quite thick and tough to make sure they don’t give way if someone grabs onto one or leans their weight against them.

What Can You Use Instead of a Cable Railing System?

If you don’t want to use a cable railing setup, there are some other options with which people are probably familiar. You might see glass panels, spindles, or mesh in place of cable railings.

You might also see wooden railings instead of cable. When you’re looking at the kind of railings that vie for prominence beside cables, you can usually determine what kind a construction company is going to use based on where the structure is going to be located.

Cable railings systems are usually more common in commercial construction. You don’t see them as often in private homes since they give buildings more of an industrial look.

Why Might a Designer or Construction Company Use Cable Railings?

There are several reasons why a building designer or construction company might choose to utilize a cable railing system. For one thing, they’re an aesthetic choice. If a company installs them, they give the building a sharp or modern appearance.

They also have a great deal of toughness. If you wind them into position between two posts and lock them into place, it’s very unlikely that they will give way, even if someone leans a lot of body weight against them.

Also, it’s unlikely someone will lean a lot of body weight against them if they’re set low to the ground. It’s more likely that a young child might press against them, but with their body weight, they will never be able to cause them to give way, provided they were installed correctly.

Where Are You Most Likely to See Cable Railing?

If you go walking along a pier that has a modern design, it’s likely you’ll see cable railing installed at a low level. Most adults will be able to walk beside it with their midsections at about the point the cable railing terminates. You might also see them installed in modern sports stadiums.

Cable railing is a versatile and elegant solution that can put the finishing touch on balconies and staircases.

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