Fun Crafts to Do with Your Foster Child

Introducing a new foster child into your home can be both exciting and challenging. While you help them adjust to their new environment, it’s important to also spend quality bonding time together. Crafting is a great way to connect and make memories. Here are six fun crafts to try with your foster child.

1. Get Creative with Duct Tape

Duct tape crafts are inexpensive and allow for lots of creativity. Make wallets, bracelets, bowls, picture frames – anything you can imagine! Let your foster child pick out colourful tapes to design something unique. Help them make duct tape flowers by cutting strips and assembling them into a flower shape. These bright flowers make lovely gifts for caregivers and caseworkers.

2. Make Homemade Playdough

Mixing up a batch of playdough is the perfect rainy-day activity. Add a few drops of food colouring so your foster child can create playdough in their favourite hues. Set out cookie cutters, rolling pins, and beads so they can shape and decorate their dough creations. When you are finished, store the playdough in an airtight container to keep it fresh for next time. Playdough helps develop fine motor skills.

3. Paint Kindness Rocks

Gather smooth stones and set out acrylic paints. Encourage your foster child to paint inspiring designs on their rocks – anything from animals to affirmations. Once dry, deliver the rocks around your community by hiding them in parks or other locations. Painting rocks spreads cheer and gives your foster child a fun project to be proud of.

4. Make Photo Books

Look through old photos and have your foster child help select their favourites. Print and assemble the photos into a homemade book. Let them decorate the cover and add any special details. Whenever they need a reminder of happy memories, your foster child can read through their custom photo book. A photo book also makes a thoughtful keepsake to take when it’s time for them to leave your home. You may find that your agency for fostering in Glasgow actually encourages you to help them record significant life events.

5. Create Kindness Cards

Spread encouragement and joy by working together to make handmade greeting cards. Fold construction paper in half and decorate the fronts with uplifting messages and images. Sign each card with an inspiring quote or note. Deliver the cards to nursing homes, hospitals, or anywhere they can brighten someone’s day. Making cards is an easy way to talk about spreading kindness.

6. Make Decorative Felt Magnets

Cut fun shapes out of colourful pieces of felt. Let your foster child pick their favourite designs. Glue magnet strips onto the back of each felt shape. These handmade magnets can decorate fridges and other metal surfaces. It’s a simple craft that fosters creativity.

Doing arts and crafts together provides meaningful time for you and your foster child to connect. Allowing them to express their creativity also builds self-esteem. Keep these activities light-hearted by focusing more on the experience than the end result. Most importantly, have fun crafting memories as a foster family!

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