Contrasting Common Misconceptions About Asbestos Against the Facts

Throughout the years, asbestos has become a more significant concern for homeowners. This is due to the amount of myths that have been spread throughout the years. Throughout this article, with the voice of our experts, we will show you how to properly dispose of and understand the dangers of asbestos. We will do this by uncovering some of the most spoken-about myths regarding asbestos.

Myth – Inhaling a single asbestos fibre is enough to cause illness.

It has been said that inhaling a low amount of asbestos, such as a single fibre, is enough to contract an illness; this is far from the truth; asbestos-related diseasessuch as Mesothelioma develop after you have been exposed to the substance for several years. So low levels of exposure for a long period of time can be dangerous, but you cannot be affected after one experience with asbestos.

Myth – Crayons are unsafe due to them containing asbestos

Though half of this statement is true, crayons are most definitely safe enough for your loved ones to use and even ingest (if it comes to that). Some crayons contain some traces of asbestos, which is from a binding agent that most crayons use. However, due to the crayons being subdued in crayon wax, they are not deemed to be dangerous.

Myth – You don’t need qualifications to remove asbestos.

When removing asbestos, it is important to understand that it is a specialist task and most definitely not a DIY job that “anyone” can do. In fact, it is actually illegal for those who are unlicensed to remove asbestos. The reason for this is that it is extremely difficult to properly remove the asbestos, and it is very easy to worsen the situation. Often, when trying to do it yourself, you may be contaminating other areas of a property. Finding the right external company to deal with your asbestos is most definitely needed; leaving it to the professionals is the most intelligent way to handle this. Asbestos Gone, a company that offers asbestos removals in Kent, has seasoned professionals who know how to deal with any asbestos contamination, ready to put all of your worries at ease.

Myth – Some types of asbestos are safe to work with

Though some types of asbestos are less dangerous than others, even the least risky kind of asbestos, white chrysotile, is still hazardous. It has also been proven that the majority of people who have died from asbestos-related illnesses are after coming into contact with white asbestos, which tells you it is hazardous and not to be taken lightly.

Myth – Smoking will cause asbestos-related illness, Mesothelioma.

There is much confusion regarding this next myth, as smoking cannot cause Mesothelioma on its own. If you are a smoker, you will have a better chance of contracting the illness compared to someone who does not smoke, but to contract Mesothelioma, you will have to have some contact with asbestos. The confusion with this myth is that many people believe lung cancer and Mesothelioma are the same thing; this is far from the truth; they are entirely separate cancers, which is essential to know as the way they spread are very different. To conclude, you should now better understand how to properly deal with asbestos, after we have successfully uncovered some of the most well-known myths when dealing with asbestos and how to safely remove it with minimal contact.

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