How to Take Back Your Home from Life

You may need to take back your home after years of not keeping on top of things or with life just getting in the way. Even as a couple with no kids, this can slip away from you. And with kids, forget about it. From cleaning the place to getting the room back, here are some handy tips.

Clear Out What You Don’t Need

A good old clearout can be just what the home doctor ordered. We buy stuff all the time, and it can quickly become a mound of things we don’t use or need. Sure, an electric bathroom scrubber looks great. But you can use a sponge in half the time, right? Having too much stuff can also take up tons of space and may be too much to move alone. Local moving companies can always help you transport valuable items to self-storage, making it easiest to clear out.

Give It a Good Old Scrub

After you have removed any rooms of the stuff you don’t need or want, there should be plenty of space to move things around. This also means you can get things out of the way for cleaning. Almost no one likes cleaning, but that’s only because it becomes a chore. Yet, after years of neglect, the home might need a good scrub. You may be clean and tidy, but areas such as behind the fridge or on top of units get really grimy and dusty as we don’t typically see them.

Take Back Your Home with Paint

Following the cleaning, there is one thing left for you to do, and that’s spruce up the place. A quick and easy redecorating job, such as a lick of paint, can really transform a room and bring it back to life. On average, we decorate every three to five years. But this can be expensive. A bit of paint and modernization can keep costs down until you have the cash to decorate properly. It’s amazing how contrasting colors can revitalize the living room furniture you got a few years ago.

Regain Room Functionality

What’s all this work for if you aren’t going to use the rooms? Your home is something to be proud of, and using each room as it should be helps keep things orderly. Sure, it’s tempting to eat a pizza on your couch while watching Netflix. But the couch, carpet, and your clothing won’t last long because they aren’t designed to take on grease. Bedrooms are for sleeping, dining rooms are for eating, and the family room is for, well, family time. Any cleaning costs are also reduced.

Keep Up the Good Work

You’ve put in the hard work and are enjoying the rooms you found under all your stuff. Now what? Well, use the home as it should be, and you will get a lot out of it. But you must also keep the momentum going. Household chores only become chores when they are left because it makes the work harder. A good cleaning routine makes it much easier. For example, vacuum and dust around every other day and clean the bathroom and kitchen each and every Saturday.


Having a good clearout can help take back your home from clutter. You can then revitalize the home with cleaning and painting. And keep up the momentum to make cleaning less of a chore.


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