Interior Design Colour Trends For The Winter

Winter is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to update your home with the latest

trends and colour palettes to elevate your space for the darker months ahead. In winter, we

like to create a warmer, inviting environment to feel protected from the harsher weather

outside, making our living spaces a cosy oasis. Let’s take a look at the most recommended

colour trends to implement into your home this new season that will transform your space

from earth-toned bedding sets, neutral wall art and jewel-toned wallpapers.

Jewel Tones

It’s the season for jewel tones. Deep emerald greens, amethyst purples, and sapphire blues

are stealing the spotlight this winter, gaining a lot of attraction from interior designers. Not

only do these tones add a touch of sophistication and richness, but they also give off the

sense of warmth and ambience we search for in the winter months. You can consider

incorporating these jewel tones in various ways, including accent walls, velvet sofas, and

decorative accessories like throws and candles.

If you want to use jewel tones more subtly, you can introduce them in small yet impactful

ways. This could be a modern sapphire vase to house your flowers, a set of emerald green

cushions to make your neutral sofa pop or a deep amethyst rug to set apart a section of

the room. Opting for smaller elements with jewel tones gives you the opportunity to easily

swap them out for other items as and when seasons and trends change, allowing you to

refresh your home effortlessly.


A colour palette that never goes out of style is monochromatic. This has always and will

continue to be a popular choice for many interior designers and homeowners alike due to

its simplicity and timelessness. This style involves choosing a singular base colour, such as

a classic staple grey and building other elements of the room with variations of this shade.

For example, you could have deep grey throw pillows, light grey flooring, and a charcoal

accent wall. Adding these variations of one colour into a room creates a chic and cohesive look that can be easily added to or changed when you want a little switch up. Their simplicity and elegance make them one of the optimal choices for a winter aesthetic. Earthy Tones Incorporate some natural, earthy tones into your home for winter if you want to create a sense of connection with the great outdoors, bringing the autumnal winter vibes inside. Warm browns, muted greens, dusky blues and burnt oranges will make your home feel like a welcoming, cosy, warm retreat the second you walk through your front door. Bring a grounding, organic look to your home with wooden furniture, knitted rugs and throws, as well as a selection of indoor plants. Soft Pastels While most often, pastels are associated with springtime and summertime, they have now found their way into the homes of many for winter interiors, too. These pastel tones offer a calming, tranquil atmosphere, often much needed in colder, darker months. Brighten up your space with soft blush pinks, pale lavenders and gentle blue and greens with the likes of wallpapers for accent walls, colourful scatter cushions and fun bedspreads. Another option you can take if you like having pastel tones in your come is combining them with neutral earthy tones. These colours can work particularly well together in bedrooms and living rooms to unwind after a long day out in the cold. Neutrals Finally, we have neutrals, a timeless colour scheme that has never gone out of style. Whether you have a modern chic home, a vintage home, an industrial home or love the Scandinavian look, neutral tones will work for you. This winter, warm neutrals like creamy whites, deep greys and soft beiges are all the hype. The hues create a calming atmosphere, providing a blissful, clean, simple backdrop that you can add to and accessorise in almost any way. These colours can be used for bigger, bulky pieces of furniture, they can be painted on the wall, or they can be accent pieces of artwork. If you have a fear of your home looking too monotonous, try adding an array of pops of colour with small pieces that work cohesively with the neutral wall art you have. Whether you opt for elegant jewel tones, calming bright pastels, or soothing earthy neutrals,

the key is to balance the colours while ensuring your home reflects your personality and style. Adding these winter interior design colour trends to your property this season will not only keep your house stylish, but also create a welcoming setting you can’t wait to return to after a long day out in the winter chill.

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