Inspired In Istanbul: 5 Awe-Inspiring Places To Visit

Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities in the world. It interests Asia and Europe while it also boasts unique cultural and historical importance.


There are many reasons why 16 million tourists visit the city each year. Its awe-inspiring landmarks are undoubtedly a key factor. Here are five that should appear on your bucket list when visiting the Turkish capital.


Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Turkish people have several passions. However, an intense love of the beautiful game is palpable throughout the city. The national football stadium, the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, can hold over 74,000 fans and has hosted the biggest games in the sport. Alternatively, you could look at the other stadiums used by the city’s eight Super Lig teams. The trident of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, and Besiktas are the three biggest in the country. Their heated rivalries are nothing short of incredible.



Istanbul is home to many palaces but Topkapi Palace stands out as one you need to visit. It was built in the mid-15th century before being renamed to its current name in the 19th. Its four courtyards, Harem, and pavilions will amaze you. It’s also a chance to learn about over 400 years of Ottoman sultans while views of the surrounding city are breathtaking too. Whether you love architecture, history, or learning about a city doesn’t matter. This palace is sure to leave you with a huge smile on your face. 


Hagia Sophia

The Turkish capital is home to dozens of mosques. However, built in the sixth century, Hagia Sophia is the most impressive. Aside from boasting 1500 years of history, the 30 million gold tiles and iconic wide dome produce stunning visuals. It’s hard not to be moved by the architectural feat, even if you’re not religious. A two-hour trip spent exploring the internal and external spaces will live long in the memory. It’s a venue that will provide opportunities for iconic photos to remember the trip by.


The Bosphorus Strait 

Nothing encapsulates the uniqueness of Istanbul like the Bosphorus Strait. For starters, it is an impressive body of water that can bring peace over your mind. Crucially, though, looking at one side will show Asia while the other is Europe. It’s a truly incredible thing when you think about it. The impressive Bosphorus Bridge is one of the world’s most iconic suspension bridges too. Crucially, you do not have to be a bridge enthusiast to appreciate its beauty and cultural significance.


Istanbul Old Town

Istanbul Old Town is an incredible place to visit for many reasons. On the one hand, you’ll truly appreciate the stunning architecture and historical contexts. On the other hand, you get to embrace the people and atmosphere of the current day. When you want an authentic look at the cultural impact of the city, this is the perfect setting to do it. Whether traveling with kids, friends, or alone doesn’t matter. You will find that the Old Town is a place that delivers a new appreciation of life.


Finally, Istanbul has so much more to offer in terms of food and relaxation. You will love it.


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