Top Five Home Renovations Meant to Add Value

Home renovations are mandatory if you are looking for a well-facilitated and efficient living environment. As a Downers Grove resident, you want to renovate and maintain a modern family house for you and your loved ones in the suburbs.  

And since the property price in Downers Grove has increased 17.5% in 2023, homeowners are constantly looking for ways that add value to the property to attract the right buyers,  

Home renovation isn’t all that simple. You need to find the fixes that are suitable for your property. Before hopping off to the complex changes, let’s discuss the top five home renovations meant to add value to your property.  

  1. Upgrade Your Bathroom  

A well-designed bathroom can significantly increase your home’s value. You can focus on integrating modern fixtures, technology, and aesthetics. To completely change your bathroom’s look, start by changing the background.  

Are you a paint person, or do you prefer tiles? Regardless, look for something that blends with the size of the room and the natural light.  

Bathrooms that are smaller in size look better with light colors and simple patterns. However, with plenty of natural light and more space, you can replace it with a darker contrast to bring the room together.  

Install storage space like vanity cabinets and towel holders to keep everything organized and in place. Most people also install cabinets for other house accessories like bedsheets, shoes, clothing, etc.  

Budget permitting, you can replace the fixtures with something new and modern. For instance, replace that old bathtub with a shower room with glass separators to make the room look more spacious.  


Add temperature control and smart water faucets to make everything efficient. Unless you are an expert yourself, we suggest getting in touch with the experienced bathroom remodels in Downers Grove to get the job done properly. 

They will look at everything and also suggest changes that complement the space. Pro tip: Get your plumbing checked before opting for major changes.  

Lighting is also a significant part of bathroom remodeling. Opt for multiple lighting units and ensure it’s brightly lit, so everything is bright and visible.  

You can renovate your bathroom every five years, so saving money every month for the change won’t overburden you with expenses.  

  1. Make Changes in the Kitchen  

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where your entire family meets to share a meal and conversation. For an efficient but clean kitchen, you need to ensure that your kitchen not only looks good but also contains modern appliances, cabinetry, and countertops.  

Invest in modern appliances like a new microwave, food processor, sandwich maker, toaster, air fryer, and anything else you use daily.  

Modern kitchens are built on a minimalistic approach, maximizing your space. Look for flat cabinets without excessive details and light colors to create a stylish kitchen.  

They must complement the countertop and floor to bring the kitchen together.  

If you have additional space, remodel your kitchen by creating an open space design in the front for basic work and the cooking area at the back.  

An open and practical kitchen layout is quite popular because of its accessible design. A kitchen work triangle concept might be efficient and helpful to streamline workflow.  

  1. Invest in Energy Efficient Products  

Nowadays, energy-efficient lighting, like LED bulbs, is taking over traditional lighting. These lights are great help in reducing utility bills while being environmentally friendly.  

LED lights last 3-25 times more than your standard fluorescent ones. Moreover, they are brighter and come in different colors to match the ambiance of your room.  

An energy-efficient, smart thermostat is also the talk of the town that lets users maintain an optimal indoor temperature without going too hard on the electricity bill.  

You can control the thermostat from your phone. Most of them also keep track of your daily habits to create an energy-efficient plan for the house. These thermostats also detect if there is anything wrong with the system.  

  1. Focus on the Exterior  

Another way to renovate your house is by maintaining the external appeal. A house that looks good on the eye catches more value in the market, and you definitely want that.  

Ensure the exterior is painted properly and matches the house’s internal parts. Most people opt for high-quality weather-resistant paint that does not deteriorate quicker and can withstand the ever-so-changing weather of Downers Grove.  

If you have a yard, invest your money in landscaping. It is the art of altering a plain old yard into something more picturesque by adding attractive plants, attractive ornaments and altering the overall appearance.  

Landscaping can increase the overall value of your property with a return on investment that’s as high as 150%, according to Archer Lawns. Look for attractive designs and hire a landscaper to bring your idea to life without compromising the grass and your current design.  

  1. Increase Space  

Everyone likes extra space around the house; adding usable living space can significantly increase your home’s market value.  

Do you have an unfinished basement? Or an attic that contains nothing but stuff you don’t use? Maybe it’s time to bring that space to good use.  

You can convert the attic into a guest room or a playroom. Moreover, a small unused store can be your ironing room or grocery storage spot.  

Similarly, having a home office and extra bathrooms is also a way of saying I am smart and know how to maximize the space in my house.  

Since many people own property in Downers Grove, it is up to you to build new rooms or attachments around your existing property.  

Extra living space is also ideal for people with a growing family as everyone will need more space. If you are planning to increase the area by building additional rooms, remember to obtain a construction permit from Downer Grove’s local government office.  


Your house is a sanctuary where everyone expects a facilitated and modern environment. You can maintain a stylish yet efficient and incredibly modern house by tweaking and changing areas like the kitchen and bathroom.  

Take a minimalistic yet smart approach towards your kitchen to increase space.  

Invest in smart appliances that go easy on the bills while giving you better performance. While the internal part of your house requires regular upgrades to stay relevant and trendy, do not neglect the exterior to build a solid first impression and an unavoidable curb appeal.  

When opting for larger changes, remember to seek the help of professionals and obtain any necessary permits to avoid breaking the law.  

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