A Holistic Approach To Treating Vision Problems

I have always had a hard time concentrating. What usually happens is I find something interesting at first, then after a few minutes I will start losing focus, then I inevitably drift away to try something else, at which point the same thing happens again. I love to read, despite also being terribly near-sighted, and am able to get through a few pages before I once again lose focus. I am old enough that concepts like ADHD hadn’t been discovered yet, so everyone just thought I was lazy- not stupid, I had too sharp a tongue to allow that misconception, but needless to say, school life was not a joyful experience.

The pain I suffered from my condition didn’t end with childhood, it dogged my steps into adulthood, making jobs and relationships a constant struggle. Oh, I managed to get by, but I never achieved the things I felt I should have, and pretty much felt like a born loser. It wasn’t until I decided to make another attempt to change my life by attending an adult college class that a very perceptive instructor noticed me struggling, and ascertained what my real problem was. She recommended I visit a behavioural optometrist in Melbourne, insisting that they would be able to help me finally access the untapped potential I knew I had within me. I didn’t really understand what she was getting at, and was sceptical at first, but decided to give it a try anyway, after all, I had nothing to lose!

This turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I thought I was just going in for a routine eye appointment, my vision was on a slow, but steady downward path, and I needed to get new prescriptions far more often than most people, but I soon learned that what I was about to experience was so much more than that! They introduced me to their holistic approach that includes techniques to not only correct my eyesight but actually improve it over time! It was more than just my vision they were able to help me with, they focus on the mind and body as well, and I soon found my ADHD was beginning to lessen! Their amazing prism lens technology actually gives your eyes a kind of passive workout that stops and reverses vision deterioration! Thanks to them I have a new outlook on life!

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